View Full Version : Knoppix and linux applications on windows hard disk/partition

Brad H
26-10-2002, 03:02 PM
If i install a linux application on my one and only partition containing windows 98 can i run the application under knoppix???

I want to install the linux version of racer from www.racer.nl but i don't know what version to get could some one help in plane english

also what computer language is knoppix/linux written in c/c++???

26-10-2002, 03:32 PM
firstly I take it you've got the boot off CD version of knoppix...if so then
probably not. When you install software to linux it installs fille in different places like configuration files to /home/usersx/.racer.conf so when you shutdown linux you delete these files.

You could try installing it under /mnt/win or whatever your windows partition is mounted as under linux and hope there aren't any other files elsewhere for the app. Whilst linux doesn't have a registry its has a lot of linked files and if you change where they are then your programs won't run.

Linux I think could be written in C or C++ but applications are written sometimes written in other languages.

26-10-2002, 07:44 PM
The command line tools (The GNU tools) are all written in C (Yes, Gnome is in C too!). Most other software is also written in C. However, KDE/Qt is written in C++.

26-10-2002, 07:49 PM
Its probably possible, but it wouldn't be easy.

It requires hardware 3D support, which probably isn't enabled/supported in knoppix. Also it needs some libaries to be installed to parts of the filesystem that are read-only (because of the CD). And by default linux won't let you run executables of the windows partition for security reasons.

Most of the base linux stuff is written in C (kernel, unix utils, XFree??). I think KDE is written in C++. There are also quite a few supporting languages used, eg shell-script, perl, python.