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26-09-1999, 09:21 PM
I have a Pentium II 233 MHz Computer with an Intel SE440BX-2 motherboard, 96 Mb SD 100 RAM (64 Mb + 32 Mb). It has the latest flash BIOS upgrade set to default settings. The 32 Mb was a recent addition this weekend. The CMOS has accepted this, and so does Windows 98 which shows 96 Mb of RAM. I have a DOS chess program that will use all the RAM you have. It will work in a DOS window, and uses all this RAM. If I start the computer in DOS mode and try to use the program I get the message...


Absolute address = 10084000 DGROUP relative address = 0084000

Error code = 0002

Eax = 00004000 esi = 00014000 flags = 3206 ds = 0023
Ebx = 00000005 edi = 10084000 eip = 0000092C es = 0023
Ecx = 00001000 ebd = 00088000 cs = 0008 fs = 0010
Edx = 00027D5C esp = 0000482A ss = 0010 gs = 0000

Like that is supposed to help me sort out what the problem is...

If I restart the computer in safe DOS mode, then I do not get that message, but it will not find the other 32 Mb RAM chip and only says it has 64 Mb RAM, what is in the first (or 0) bank. Reinstalling the program, or even using earlier versions of it makes not difference.

Does all this make more sense to you than it does to me?

Can you get back to me?

Mike Lomb