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17-10-2002, 10:13 AM
I just really want to find out what went wrong. OK ... I had just downloaded winamp 3 with great anticipation.... but ...
after in installed winamp3 certain mp3's would not play. I already uninstalled 2.8 so i re-installed 2.8.To my suprise 2.8 wouldnt allow to me to drag or enqueue these certain files either. Before I installed 3 everything worked fine. After a while i figured out that the files that I could not play were files under folders which had Chinese characters as the name. I deleted the chinese part of the name then it worked .
What I really want to know is 'What Happened?'

ps. nero had the same problem AFTER I installed Winamp 3 .. Realone and windows media player wasnt affected though...... help please????/

pss. is there any scandisk program ( or Checkdisk ) in XP? .. cant seem to find it ... want to find out if there are any errors... ran a virus check ... nothing though.

and where can I get a program to check or manage the speed of my system ..... im running a p4 2.0 with 512 mgs ram .... but windows runs very slowy.... and it just started to crash and hang on me for no reason.... :(

17-10-2002, 10:47 AM
Okay, make sure that WinAmp3 is fully uninstalled, delete all files from the WinAmp directory, restart your PC, just in case - there's something in that Wasabi file... Re-Install it and the i would Un-install it immediately, again, making sure that everything is erased. By re-instaling it, you're repairing any WinAmp3 related files that might have been damaged for some reason.

Try it out, hope it works



17-10-2002, 03:04 PM
thanks for the reply .... i've already tried uninstalling and re-installing several times... but the problem is still there ... i've have gone back to 2.8 already ... but the titles of those folders are still without chinese text.
What i want to fix is.... having the chinese text there. THere was no problem with it before. Now the system crashes on me every 10 or mins ...

And I thought Xp was crash free .... How can I find out where the problem is ???