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16-10-2002, 10:20 AM
E very now and then while searching for songs on kazaa i come across software , ie games and stuff would they work if i downloaded any of them??? just curious, just learning , just slow..

16-10-2002, 10:43 AM
Yes they will usually work (be careful - could be laced with viruses), but unless the software is free- or share-ware, downloading and installing the programs would consitute software piracy, which is illegal.


16-10-2002, 12:12 PM
this is the 3rd reply to this post it's not working??????
thanks i,ll be a 5 next year can't afford to be a pirate so i'll leave them alone ..ta :D

16-10-2002, 12:15 PM
>>> can't afford to be a pirate so i'll leave them alone ..ta

Well you will realise that download MP3s if you don't own them and if they're not free is also piracy :p


Graham Petrie
16-10-2002, 03:44 PM
Mike's absolutely right. Unless those songs you are downloading are usually free (ie you don't have to buy them in the record store), you are pirating music, which is also illegal.


16-10-2002, 07:29 PM
Last time i looked there were over 3 million sharers or pirates online more on icq and other peer 2 peer groups

Graham Petrie
17-10-2002, 11:41 AM
yeah, but unfotunately large numbers doesn't make it legal. Riots aren't legal just because there are lots of people participating. Not that I am taking a high and mighty approach as I am guilty of sharing the odd MP3 or thousand, but I'm just stating the facts.

I think some people just think because it is so easy, it must be legal. I think that people should be fully aware of the consequneces and significance of their actions.

Just MHO


17-10-2002, 03:41 PM
Hi Graham...

What about really old MP3's (say 50's country) for singers/entertainers that have long passed on that I have see floating around Kazza. Who would "legally" own those such that they can say to others that they cannot be distributed after downloading...


17-10-2002, 04:01 PM
Kahawai_Chaser - the "entertainer" never owns his songs anymore anyway... the music company does, so long after the entertainer dies, the music company can collect royalties and sales profit from their records, even though the singer/songwriter may have passed on.


Mr. Insanity
17-10-2002, 05:06 PM
I usually only use Kazza to get software/movies I can't get anywhere else.
Lately i've been getting Band of Brothers eps because as far as I know a Zone 4 DVD set isn't going to be released for a while.

Personally I hate it when I see people's entire gaming collection just CD-R's that they got off someone.