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15-10-2002, 09:27 PM
Version 2.03 of Tweak-XP Pro bundles has been released with the following changes:
** several internal changes and optimizations
** on some systems the Optimum tweak was not working properly. This has been fixed
** Adelphia Modem tweaks added
** several internal changes to the registry cleaner
** Catalan language files added
** Brazilian Portuguese language files added
** updated helpfiles
Tweak-XP Pro 2.03 (http://www.totalidea.de/tweakxpdown.shtml)

Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit 2 demo released
Electronic Arts has released the playable demo for Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit 2. The demo comes in at 92.4MB and it contains the Single Challenge mode where you can try out a 2 lap single race on the Calypso Coast track using a choice of two cars, the Ferrari 360 Spider or the Porsche 911 Turbo:
Mirror 1 (http://www.3dgamers.com/news/more/1034617318/)
Mirror 2 (http://www.3dgamers.com/dl/games/needforspeed6/setup_us.exe.html)
Mirror 3 (http://www.fileshack.com/file.x?fid=1320)
Mirror 4 (http://www.fileplanet.com/files/110000/114036.shtml)

Codemasters have released a new patch for Operation Flashpoint: Resistance bringing it up to version 1.85. The patch, amongst other things ads the following new weapons:
Hunting Rifle (HuntingRifle, HuntingRifleMag): civilian hunting rifle with optics. Very strong but a bit slow.
G-17 - silenced version: This is the silenced version of standard G-17 (but with less range).
Revolver (Revolver, RevolverMag): very powerful yet very slow hand gun.
M-10 : submachinegun used as handgun. Not the most accurate weapon but has a high rate of fire and clips that hold 30 bullets.
To complete the patch these other changes have been applied:
New units
* Resistance / Sniper: Resistance soldier with a mask, Hunting Rifle and M-10.
* West / pilot with hand gun: Standard pilot with new revolver.
* West / silenced BlackOp: BlackOp with satchel charges and HK and hand gun, both silenced.

New vehicles
* Bicycle: civilian bicycle.
* Small Car: small and fast.

New features
* Hand guns have no tracers now.
* Hand guns are more inaccurate over longer distances.
* Hand gun types are more different now (The Tok is the strongest but the most inaccurate G-17 is the most accurate, etc.)
* Some new sounds added.
* Some better animations used

New MP Missions
* SectorControl.Noe: New version of old mission. Extensive fighting around a small bridge on the north.
* FlagFightHandGuns.Noe: Very fast and deadly mission. Deathmatch with flag on a very small area. Hand guns only.
New Operation Flashpoint: Resistance version 1.85 patch (ftp://downloads.codemasters.com/Patch/ofp_res_1.85.zip)

Diva Swan M200 speaker review
3DSoundSurge (http://www.3dsoundsurge.com) has thrown up a review of the new Swan highend 2.0 speaker system M200 (http://www.3dsoundsurge.com/reviews/SwanM200/M200.html). Here's a slice of the review and a pic of these very cool speakers:
Made of Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) construction, high quality heavy duty binding posts and very good attention to detail. The amplifier send a true 72 watts RMS to the system feeding a 5 ¼ inch long throw linear excursion design driver and a 1-inch silk dome tweeter that utilizes a ferro fluid cooled voice coil. Everything about them has a feel of quality. Something else that jumps out immediately is each satellite is the size of some of the smaller multimedia subwoofers. For all the test results on this attractively priced ($US200) performance system check out the review.

You can get more info on the speakers at Swan Speakers (http://swanspeaker.com/).

SMS-it version 2.5 has been released. SMS-it allows you to send SMS (Short Message Service) messages to a mobile phone using your computer. SMS-it supports Picture messages, Caller Group Graphic, Operator Logo, Ringtones and Flash SMS. The messages can be sent through an attached modem, through an internet connection or directly through an attached mobile phone. If a mobile phone is attached to the computer (IE through the IR port), the contents of the inbox can be downloaded and stored in folders. The phonebook can also be downloaded and synchronized with SMS-it!. There is no word on the changes in this very cool SMS tool, a must if your a fan.
SMS-it version 2.5 released (http://www.mawnet.com/download1.html)

Nullsoft has released a new update for Winamp 3 adding the following changes to one of the original and best MP3 players around:
Output plugin system
MIDI support
MOD support
Vorbis support
Archive reader
Winamp 3 now supports the center speaker in 5.1 speaker configurations (enabled automatically).
New Winamp 3 update available (http://www.blorp.com/~peter/wa3/wa3update.exe)

If your looking for any of the stuff above for your copy of UT2003 then you should check out this site that has launched. The site is UT2003 HQ and it has a huge range of MODS, Mutators, patches and maps for the game. Check it out here Unreal Tournament2003 Maps, Mods, Mutators, Patches (http://www.ut2003hq.com/).

Promise UltraTrak firmware updates
Promise have released some new firmware updates for the following RAID cards:
UltraTrak RM8000 Firmware
UltraTrak SX4000 Firmware
UltraTrak SX8000 Firmware
No word on what each changes yet though.
UltraTrak RM8000 (http://www.promise.com/support/download2_eng.asp?mode=download&product_id=91)
UltraTrak SX4000 (http://www.promise.com/support/download2_eng.asp?mode=download&product_id=89)
UltraTrak SX8000 (http://www.promise.com/support/download2_eng.asp?mode=download&product_id=90)

Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 possible features
The Digital Resource (http://www.thedigitalresource.com/index.php) has posted up a list of some of the possible features that Microsoft to be including in Internet Explorer 7:
1. There will be a spell cheacker for forms and for people who have Office 11. There will be a thesaurus too. Both will work the same way: the right click menu that already exists in MS Word (red underline etc).
2. Popups. There will be no popup stopper but there will be limits on what popups can do (no full screen and multiple popups etc).
3. Tabs. There is likely to be some sort of tab UI but it is likely to be different from the one in Mozilla and Opera.
4. The will some sort of theme ability similar to that of Opera.
5. There will be many new features for Windows XP that will not be in 98/98SE/ME which got to do with the abilities of the operating system.
There will be no version for Windows NT4
It will be interesting to see if any of these do eventually find there way into the browser.

Windows XP From A to Z
Kellys' XP Korner has posted up Windows XP from A to Z a collection of information from various sources that will help you find answers to the problems with Windows XP, as well as tweaks and tips to make XP work the way you want it to. this is a pretty extensive list that could take you a few days to go through everything in detail. Check it out here (http://www.kellys-korner-xp.com/xp_abc.htm).

MajorGeeks have posted up a new version 2.321 of HDCleaner, the program that clears the fixed disk and removes unnecessary file garbage from all available drives. It can look for all the crap of the drive, especially those file with BAK, CHK, GID, ~ * * and TMP extensions.
HDCleaner version 2.321 released (http://www.majorgeeks.com/article.php?sid=1287&cat=12)

CopyToCD, the CD copy program that integrates into the Windows shell or is used as a normal application, version has been released with the following changes:
Introduce the latest version of the driver Patin-couffin revision 6. (improved speed, and external units support)
Fully compliant with unicode path (japan version)
Wipe option added.
Burning speed limit dialog added.
Faster operations (faster session merge)
100% localized (including report)
Bug fixes

This version is complete, only a reminder screen invites you to register. This version can be used to upgrade any registered version.
CopyToCD works with any CD writer* to create any CD type and offers a large numbers of options and settings for both users and developers.
CopyToCD version out (http://www.copytocd.com/download.htm)

Unreal Tournament2003 updates
Epicgames has posted a few Unreal Tournament2003 updates for download. The updates are as follows:
UDE Update
UPaint Update 1.0.2
Character model source art
Lockup FAQ Note: They have created a small text file with suggestions on how to solve random system lockups.
If any of these are of use to you, grab em here (http://unreal.epicgames.com/).

New codec H.264 to deliver DVD quality over the net
A new video codec is going through standardisation that will deliver DVD quality video over the net. The codec uses more processing power than DivX but the improvement in quality makes up for it. Here's a slice of the article on the codec at ZDNet:
An international standards team is close to approving a new compression format for digital video, promising improvements as well as a few uncertainties for emerging multimedia technology.
Known as H.264, among other designations, the new format is turning heads over claims that it can deliver DVD-quality broadcasts over the Internet using considerably fewer network resources than rivals.
Created in a unique partnership between U.S. and European standards groups known as the Joint Video Team, the format, or codec, should be ratified as part of the MPEG-4 (Moving Picture Experts Group) multimedia standard by year's end, according to Robert Koenen, chairman of the MPEG Requirements Group.
Check out the complete article at ZDNet (http://zdnet.com.com/2100-1104-961707.html).

Opera to tout phone browser
Opera Software is touting that it has developed a browser that it says will solve the long-standing problem of reading big, bulky Web pages on tiny cell phone screens, posing a potential threat to both WAP and to Microsoft. ZDNet had a chat with Opera and posted up the details of the new browser that could revolutionise the mobile market. Here's part of what they said:
"We massage the content so that is fits onto the screen," said Opera Chief Executive Jon von Tetzchner of the company's new small-screen rendering technology. "Some companies filter part of the content to make it fit onto a limited browser. But we're putting a real browser on there, the same you have on the desktop."

Opera's new method cuts the scrolling in half by stacking the content of a Web page vertically. That way, surfers only have to scroll up and down to read it.

The company's approach to Web browsing by cell phone and other small devices is just the latest strategy to overcome a difficult technological conundrum--how to access Web pages built for 17-inch desktop screens on cell phones that fit in shirt pockets.
Check the whole report out at ZDNet (http://zdnet.com.com/2100-1104-961831.html).

UT2003 maps for download
Fileconnect has posted up some new UT2003 deathmatch only maps that look pretty flash. There are five maps to download with the titles:
Out Wiped
Sniper Forest
Rocket Arena
Master Car
Head on over here (http://www.fileconnect.net/modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=2368) and check some screenies and start downloading.

Digital pirates foiled
A US company claims to have come up with a way of stopping pirates who videotape films during cinema screenings. The company, Cinea, is in the process of developing the system that manipulates the light levels of digitally screened movies so that the shifting light levels will go unnoticed by the viewer, it will make any screen cammed tapes un-watchable as the digital cameras will not be able to guess the light levels correctly. You can check out the whole story in the new fight against pirating here (http://www.vnunet.com/News/1135939).

Voodoo Extreme site redesign
VE3D (http://www.ve3d.com/) has done a new site redesign that looks pretty darn impressive. Go check it out.

Star Wars movie leaker arrested
MSNBC has reported (http://www.msnbc.com/news/820229.asp) that a man who leaked a copy of Star Wars Episode II two months before its release has been arrested. Here's the details:
SHEA O’BRIEN FOLEY, a former production assistant at LucasFilm, was arrested last week and charged with 13 counts of felony for the theft of an estimated $450,000 worth of “Star Wars”-related material from his ex-employer, according to the Marin Independent Journal.

The police case was launched after LucasFilm did its own investigation into how a review of “Attack of the Clones” appeared on the Ain’t It Cool News Web site in March of this year, two months before its May release date, causing much consternation at LucasFilm.

Police tell The Scoop, however, that Ain’t It Cool News and operator Harry Knowles are in no way implicated in the case. Beyond that, the police aren’t saying much. “Since the case is still pending, our office will have no comment at this time,” Marin Deputy District Attorney Paul Haakenson told The Scoop. A LucasFilm spokeswoman also wouldn’t comment, Foley couldn’t be reached, and Harry Knowles didn’t return calls.

AA Full Download
The US Army has released the full package for their online game Americas Army today. The full package which includes the version 1.30 patch comes in at 281MB, so it may be for broadband users only, unless you fancy using your dial-up account for the next week or so. Americas Army is an online only FPS game based on the Unreal Warfare engine.

thx monty (http://www.ozquake.com/montysdump/index.html)

16-10-2002, 01:16 PM
> Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 possible features
> The
> Digital Resource (http://www.thedigitalresource.com/index.php) has posted up a list of some
> of the possible features that Microsoft to be
> including in Internet Explorer 7:
> 3. Tabs. There is likely to be some sort of tab UI
> but it is likely to be different from the one in
> Mozilla and Opera.
> 4. The will some sort of theme ability similar to
> that of Opera.

So, why dont MS simlpy take Opera, mix it with neoPlanet, Stir in a little MS Crash-ability, and slap their logo on it! Same Diff.... ;)