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phillip pond
15-10-2002, 08:13 PM
im writing this because it seems like im always asking help and never giving help on this forum, hahaha

heres some tips to make cs faster

Right click your Counter-Strike icon and add -heapsize 90000 to the end of the target line. This will allocate 90MB to the game on a system with 128MB of RAM. Generally, you should dedicate two-thirds of your memory to Counter-Strike.
(C:\SIERRA\Half-Life\hl.exe -console -game cstrike -heapsize 90000)

Run Scandisk and Defrag at least once a month. I do it once a week.

Set up your computer as a network server. This doesn't mean that you're on a network, rather, it changes how Windows handles file access. The default setting (Desktop) uses 4K RAM cache to store the locations of frequently accessed files on the hard drive. Changing your setup to a Network Server makes Windows use a 16Kb RAM cache, meaning it can find frequently used files much faster.
Right click on My Computer, select Properties, click on the Performance tab, and then click the File System button. From there, use the drop-down menu to change your computer to Network Server and then Restart your computer.

Look at your icons on the bottom right. If your don't need them, turn them off. Besides Explorer and Sys Tray, no other programs are essential when playing games,(with the possible exception of special game-controller software you have installed, to include some mouses.) Click on the Start Button, go to Run and type 'msconfig', click on Startup and Check off the Programs you do not want running in the background. Don't Worry, you can always, re-check it if you want it back on again. Restart your computer and Check your performance by Right-clicking My Computer, click Properties, and then Performance. You ideally want at least 90% to maximize your game experience.

If your like me, you have already upgraded to a 32 MB video card or better. But, do you need 32 bit color to play CS. I lowered mine to 16 bit and it's barely noticeable. This will increase your FPS. Go to your Settings, Control Panel, Display, Settings and change your color to 16-bit.

Computers come defaulted for Dial up modems. You have to reset your rwin program to optimize your computer if you run Cable/DSL modem. Download this file to just that.RWIN program (http://hlblues.homestead.com/files/Copy_of_set_rwin.zip)

hahaha, thats all i no about keeping my com up to shape for cs

tied fingers--


p.s for more info go to my clan page, Clan-=[s.w.a.t]=- (http://www.geocities.com/cs_clanswat)

Jen C
15-10-2002, 09:46 PM
> im writing this because it seems like im always
> asking help and never giving help on this forum,
> hahaha

You shouldn't claim someone else's work as your own. By supplying the link (http://hlblues.homestead.com/optimize.html) to the website you copied and pasted from, you can acknowledge their contribution to your post.

15-10-2002, 10:07 PM
He couldn’t his fingers were tied

John Grieve
15-10-2002, 10:38 PM
I have worked out the best optimisation is to seperate CS from the PC completely thus improving the performance of the PC considerably. Heating the CS disc in a coal fire for 30-60 minutes does wonders for the game as well :D

16-10-2002, 10:06 AM
Now that's just mean...
<stifled laugh>

I enjoy a good game of CS now and then; and these tips may help people who would otherwise have a slower system.

16-10-2002, 10:16 AM
Yeah Tim, you could have just said - here's a good site with tips for optimising your PC for CS, or pasted it in and said where you got it from. but it aint cool making it look like this is your personal experience when you just ripped it off anohter side. Nothing wrong with quoting others stuff as long as you give them credit and just as useful as pretending you wrote it yourself.

phillip pond
16-10-2002, 04:36 PM
ok sorry everyone for making it look like that i wrote all that, i didnt mean to, i copied it of a clan site, and sorry for not giving the credits to the guy who wrote all that,



phillip pond
16-10-2002, 04:43 PM
> im writing this because it seems like im always
> asking help and never giving help on this forum,
> hahaha

Oops, not im writing, but copying and pasting