View Full Version : Phantom net card and ICS

13-10-2002, 05:02 PM
Internet connection sharing was working on my home network - 1 x W2K and 1 x W98SE. I was using D-link 10 Mbps adapters.
I swapped the D-links for Realtek 100Mbps adapters but didn't use the W98SE machine while my wife was away. When she returned after a couple of weeks and wanted to get on the net she found she couldn't.
We see each other on the home network but ICS just doesn't work.
My W2K computer is configured for ICS so it should have an IP address of but it doesn't. IPCONFIG /all tells me it is something else
If I set it manually for that it tells me that that address is already used by a D-link adapter that isn't active because it isn't physically in the computer!
I suspect that this is the cause of ICS failing. I think that when my machine tries to act as the DHCP server it can't use because the phantom D-Link has it allocated.
Does this sound right?
If so how can I tell W2K to release the address and forget all about the D-Link?
Is it something else?