View Full Version : Media player 7 "the system cannot find the file specified"

12-10-2002, 01:08 PM
for ages my audio cd's would not play automatically when inserted to cd-rom even tho auto notification was ticked. so I reset the path file name in 'file types' under "N/A audio cd" to point to the media player. now when i load an audio cd at least the player starts but i get the following message "the system cannot find the file specified". and then it says this under the box 'more'.

The path to the file is not valid
Error ID = 0x80070002, Remedy ID = 0x00000000
Windows Media Player cannot find the path to the file. Probable causes for this error include: the server name, shared directory name, or file name has been misspelled or has changed.

Check the file name and path for errors. If this error persists, contact your network administrator for the correct location of the file you want to play.

Can anyone help please?