View Full Version : ICS Proxy help with disconnect timer

11-10-2002, 03:06 PM
I use Jana Server 2 but the proxy isn't the problem. It's a problem with most proxies I've encountered and that is if the client PCs aren't using the net the disconnect counter still continues ticking down even if the server PC is using the net.

I've tried running the server PC through the proxy as well without any success apart from the server making the proxy start the dialup connection.

I think because the dialup modem is on the server it's bypassing the LAN settings set for it to use. It's possibly using the dialup gateway instead of the LAN. Any ideas on how I can fix this little problem. All I want it to do is if I'm on the server PC is for it to reset the counter so it doesn't disconnect while I'm on it because it's getting frustrating.

Any ideas? I have to have this disconnect counter so disabling that isn't an option.

Thanks in advance.