View Full Version : Western Digital HDD incompatible to Quantum HDD ??

17-09-1999, 11:56 PM
I have a strange one:
since I upgraded my box with a 13.6 Gb
Western Digital HDD I work with the following constellation:

WD HDD Master IDE 1
Quantum 4.3 GB Master IDE 2

I did transfer files and directories from one HDD to another and occasionaly
I realised that files copied or moved from the Quantum to the WD HDD just didn't show up in the Windows Explorer. It is a bit hard to explain as I work with 3 OSes on different primary DOS partitions and one partition is for Datas - I slowly transferred the Data-partition from the Quantum to the WD HDD as I installed WIN95 from scratch and a lot of the downloads I had were also an 'Datas'.
To make a long story short I can read the new Data-partition on the Western digital HDD neither from an WIN95 OS on the Quantum NOR from the WD HDD..?!!?
If I right click and check the properties it tells me 1.03 GB from 4.3 GB occupied but I cant see them..
Dos also doesn't help.
I know it sound complicated - and believe me it is. I need my data and downloads back so any help would be greatly appreciated

thanks and kind regards