View Full Version : Best place to service my 3Com switch in Auckland?

John Grieve
06-10-2002, 02:21 PM
I bought a 24 port switch switch second hand a while ago. Its a 3Com and its sounding like a couple of the cooling fans are going so I was wondering where to take it for a service in Auck and possibly replace the fans acting up. Where do the corporates go for their day to day servicing of 3Com gear?

Graham L
06-10-2002, 03:34 PM
Day to day servicing? 3Com gear doesn't break :D (I suspect most commercial users are on service contracts, and equipment is just replaced if it fails).

You might find it easy enough to check (and maybe replace) the fans yourself. The case will probably be held together by plastic tabs which you will release by gently pushing a thin metal object into the gap at the top-bottom joint. Or there may be screws accessible from the bottom of the box (sometimes screws are hidden by rubber feet). Just don't use brute force. All boxes come apart non-destructively.

Check around for replacement fans ... costs vary wildly between different suppliers. Any service place is going to charge you $40-$?? to just open the box and have a look ...