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01-10-2002, 10:08 PM
I want to send out business HTML email that has a table of contents at the top that are anchor links to paragraph headings below. I want to do it in Outlook 2000.

I created the email in my home Outlook XP, tested it by sending it to myself and it worked fine,

I tried to do the same thing on my business Outlook 2000 but it seems to want to create hyperlinks only to external pages.

I then tried to author the email with internal anchor links in Word 2000 and paste the result into Outlook 2000 (in HTML view). Looked okay but when I sent it to myself it came in with the links busted, the hyperlinks didn't function.

You can't seem to test it like you can in XP using ctrl click.

Looking at the source code the link tags are weird whereas the one created in XP are standard.

Is Outlook 2000 lacking this functionality compared to Outlook XP or am I doing it wrong?

Any assistance appreciated

02-10-2002, 08:39 AM
It wouldn't surprise me if Outlook 2000 was lacking the functionality. But try setting your email options to write emails in Word, so that when you click save in Word it'll save/send the email. I'm not too sure how to set that option in Outlook 2k, but in XP you follow this procedure:

Tools > Options

Click on "Mail Format" tab

Tick "Use Microsoft Word to edit e-mail messages".

Then set it all up and send it from within Word, and rather than cutting and pasting it in, you just need to click send.