View Full Version : Useful Directory Listings

13-09-1999, 11:07 PM
I work for an organisation which is beginning to receive files from clients in electronic form. Rather then the 3 or 4 Eastlight binders full of documents, we are now receiving a CD-ROM with 300 to 400 Word documents.

This is no doubt environmentally sound, but the problem is that, without some form of index, it is damn near impossible to find out which document is which.

In WordPerfect 5.1, the directory listing (F5) allowed a ?long display? which showed a descriptive file name, which could be printed.

There does not seem to be any equivalent in Word 97, or am I missing something. I would like t be able to print a listing which will show file name, and some or all of the summary info which can be saved with the document.

Telling the client to use long file names is NOT an option!.

C M Ruane