View Full Version : HP Scanner 5200c

09-09-1999, 11:05 PM

I have just purchased a HP Scanner 5200c after reading PC Worlds reviews , however, there has been some problems.

1. After a scanned page has been printed on my HP 870cxi printer, it cuts about 1m -2m off the scanned page? did you not get these problems.
Also I will check this second issue out with the firm I brought I brought it off , the software that comes with the scanner- page maker and the adobe etc... locks up during install at about 28% ( by the way the cd its on is not orignal its a copy with the name HP 5200c ? written on it!)

Also when our computer starts , sometimes just after it says windows 98 starting , its says 'Invalid switch: /simpleui' - do you know what this means?

Cheers Adam

My compter is a PII celeron 266 with 96ram and running First ver win 98