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Steve Askew
22-09-2002, 11:53 AM
Hi All, System specs are Dell Optiplex pentium 2-266Mhz,160mb ram,adaptec scsi card,4gb scsi hdd,onboard sound, video & network & winxp pro.
Heres the problem.
This Pc is behaving strangely.
when you push the power button to boot the computer,it wont power up,If i disconnect it from the mains for a few mins & reconnect it starts up fine.
It seems that every time you want to boot the computer you have to disconnect it from the mains first.
This machine has an ATX power supply which has been replaced because the owner thought it may be the problem.
I have tested the soft power button with my multi-meter & that is fine.
I have also disabled "auto power on" in the bios
Any ideas will be welcomed.
Cheers Steve

Graham L
22-09-2002, 02:58 PM
I think the power switch is a "momentary contact" (my hardware is not that modern ;-)). There can be a couple of other switches (relays or transistors) across the one on the panel. These are on any "wakeup on ..." devices such as modem or ethernet card.

If one is shorted or permanently on, this would cause your problem. You may be able to disconnect the cables from any such devices.

Steve Askew
22-09-2002, 11:12 PM
thanks for your reply Graham,
Yes it does have a "momentary contact" type switch.
The ethernet card is built into the motherboard & I have disabled it in the bios & also disabled the "wakeup" function too.
Still got startup problem.
Cheers Steve

Graham L
23-09-2002, 06:02 PM
If you've got a multimeter, try testing the other way. Disconnect the panel switch, and measure the leads which go to the power supply (by way of the motherboard). There should be 5 volts across the wires. If there is not, there's the fault. Unless there's something you can see which will cause it, you might have to use the switch on the wall ...

(What happens when you use the push button to shut down? Can Windows shut down the power?)

Steve Askew
23-09-2002, 10:06 PM
Strangely enough,when I choose shutdown from the menu it goes as far as the "its now safe to shut windows"screen & i have to manually turn the computer off by using the soft power switch on front of computer.
I will check voltage tomorrow.
cheers steve

Steve Askew
24-09-2002, 01:06 PM
I checked with multi-meter & voltage is 5volts,I have told the owner to switch it off at the wall as you suggested.
thanks Steve