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22-09-2002, 01:07 AM

I have just bought a PC Company AMD 2100+ machine. It came with Windows XP Home Ed and since it was bought at Farmers, no other systems were available.

Well I use Windows 2000 Prof and Linux. So I Partitioned and reformatted the HD (Partition Magic 5.0) in preparation to install the new operation systems. Now when I try to install Windows 2000 it gets as far as the "If you want to install Windows 2000 press enter " stage and then freezes. Ditto for when I tried to re-install Windows XP (from the PC Company recovery disk) after my failure with 2000. I have not tried Linux yet as I am waiting for a new copy of the ops.

On reading the PC Company booklet I see a paragraph that the PC has a System Locked Installation and that the BIOS is locked to Windows XP . I see no setting in the CMOS setup program where I can disable this thing. Can any one help solve the problem?


22-09-2002, 03:18 AM
Can i say ha ha ha Pc company pc from farmers.I got one to and had trouble with it from the start.When i restarted the computer the monitor would not restart.I took it back and got a new one and the new one done the same thing,Back to the shop it went no more pc company pc...


22-09-2002, 07:27 AM
PC Company? Pfft, rubbish.

Big John
22-09-2002, 08:26 AM
The fix is simple. Boot from the Windows XP CDRom. There must be some kind of bug which affects many machines when you try and install but have not booted from the CD.
I had the exact same problem and booting from the CDRom allowed it to install perfectly.