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21-09-2002, 04:51 PM
Hi all

I am running XP Pro and a network, with internet sharing. I am using a program called Remote disconnection Utility that gives any one the ability to disconnect from the net once they have finished with it.

The problem is that some one needs to be logged on on this machine for the others to be able to disconnect.

I was using the switch Identity option so that when no one was on the computer someone was still logged on so that the program would still be running. the only problem was then if someone else logged the program would crash as it would try to assign an ip address again.

So I disabled shitching and everyone has to log off. the program closes when they log of so others on the network can't disconnect.

Please, is there a way to make the program run all the time, and not to reload when a different person logs in and when someone logs out. I like using fast switch and so if I can enable that again I would be rather pleased.

Any help and suggestions would be appreciate. it's the holidays now, so I need something to do. until the new Sims expanstion comes out or until Sim City4 comes out or Age of Mythiology or anything. So I plan to fiddle.



(oh and Robo I an't misuseing the smiliey, I was using it before you had the images ;) )

21-09-2002, 08:25 PM
Perhaps the SRVANY util from the MS Resource kit may allow you to run the app as a service, as it would then be independant of the logged on user. I have had mixed results with the app, but it might be worth a go.