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21-09-2002, 05:42 PM
Hi graham, was wondering if you could give me a little help? I have got Logon Loader (from other thread), found a logon i would like to try, downloaded it, but it doesn't appear in my Logon Loader -" browse logon screens"??? It is saved in C:\WINDOWS\Resources. Its like it doesn't have a logonui file in it??? I think thats the problem anyway!
If i go "select a logon" it is there but just doesn't open to a logonui?
This is it here Black XP
Any ideas or have i mucked up somewhere?I downloaded it from the category "LogonXP" - so presumed it is for windows XP?
I really can't figure it out?? ?:| I did another one which is just a picture which does appear in the "Browse Logon Screens" but haven't tried it as i wanted one with the accounts in.
Any help appreciated, Thanks :-)
If the server is working i will try downloading some of the other ones i wanted to try, and see if i have the same problem.

Graham Petrie
22-09-2002, 01:54 PM
Sorry I didn't answer earlier, but I downloaded that logon screen, and while I was trying to get it to work, I busted my windows installation.

I had to go and get on the juice, so I wasn't able to pull out my image from last week until this morning. I am finally up and running again (don't bame yorself, it wasn't your fault)

I will have another go later on today once I have caught up on the work I was supposed to do today.


22-09-2002, 03:51 PM
:O - Oh no Graham, gee i am so sorry about that!!! You'll never help me again i presume :8}. Well i finally got some of the others downloaded and they are all o.k and show up in the directory etc... except some (most) don't have a preview. I did come across another program that will give previews for all of them - xp logmod, i think it was called, so i might give that a go at some stage and when i am more experienced perhaps use the logon studio program to make some of my ownB-)!!
But i really like logon loader:-) (my partner is rapt now he/we have a cool logon he likes, his choice for now).

My conclusion is its a prob with that paticular logonui, i don't think the designer has done it properly (or could be the fact he is foreign, i looked at his site), it doesn't seem to have a logonui.exe - just unzips to a folder and then there is another folder, which has no .exe, which is what causes the prob cause all the others only unzip to the logonui folder, and its simple.

I am so so so sorry it trashed your system, please forgive me :-(.
Thank you so much for referring me/us to logonloader its so B-)

>>>3I will have another go later on today once I have caught up on the work I was supposed to do today

No please don't do that Graham - i would hate to cause any more probs on your computer, its not worth the worry! I initially thought it was something i had done wrong cause it was only the second one i had been able to download (servers were down)and first one with the logon not just a pic!! But i am sure it is just that file now!!

Thanks again for the cool program!! and sorry!!!

Graham Petrie
22-09-2002, 04:11 PM
DOn't worry about it - I thought the text file was code that could be compiled, so I compiled it and changed the extension to.exe and loaded it. Of course I was wrong and I couldn't logon - no logon interface. I tried recovery console, but no go. So I thought - easy fix - restore my backup. So I am back up and running no worries. That is whuy I backup regularly and image my drive on a monthly basis - it means that my important files are never more than a day old if I lose them, and I can have my windows installation back as it was no longer than a month ago.

Glad you like logon loader - I find that many don't preview either - lazy programmers, although they are doing it for free, and I don't suppose they need to preview their own creation.


Graham Petrie
22-09-2002, 04:13 PM
OK, I figured it out - I was right, you do have to compile the file, but you need to use logon studio (man I am dumb!) This is deserrving for that computer stupidities site.


Graham Petrie
22-09-2002, 06:24 PM
Compiled that logon screen using my resource hacker (like I should have the first time).

i have put it up for download for you here (http://knightguider.orcon.net.nz/Black_XP.rar)

It is a *.rar file which contains the logonui.exe file, and a preview picture (which incidently is how logonloader shows the preview - it just shows any jpeg in the same folder as the logonui file, so if you make your own preview pictures for those that don't have them, and put them in the appropritae folders, logonloader will show them.)


22-09-2002, 10:22 PM
You are great G P - thanks a bunch for going to all that trouble and doing that for me, excellent! I can't believe you did it and put it up for download for me:O!!!! I downloaded winrar to open it cause i didn't have it.:-) Once again thank you very very much, your work is greatly appreciated (i could never have done it!). And it is all sweet as in logonloader B-)
Thanking you ;-)
Gotta go i am missing "Proof of life" (but had to say thanks first)