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21-09-2002, 12:20 PM
Hi Mike - hoping you might be able to help me please? I followed this thread

with interest as i have exactly the same thing happen on my system, xp home (the delay for things to work). However when i go to look for the network card it dosn't show in device manager and there is no "network adaptors"? However i did a print out awhile back of my systems hardware and it shows that there is a network card : Model WAN(PPP/SLIP) Interface. Is there anywhere else i should look to disable the network card that you know of ? I haven't got nortonsecurity only nav2002, but that is always loaded and i don't think its the prob.
Any ideas you might have would be appreciated :-)
Or is it a lost cause? Other thing i noticed is my o.s is preinstalled too, wonder if that has something to do with it?

21-09-2002, 12:58 PM
Have you got a connector at the rear of your PC for the card (it could be integrated with your motherboard and not a separate card)?

The connector will look just like the one for your modem, or for a loop through phone (if the modem supports that) BUT it is slightly wider, has 8 connectors vs the modem 6.

If you havent got one then chances are good that you havent got a network card / adapter.

21-09-2002, 05:02 PM
Thanks GF, had a good look and it doesn't look like i have one, i presume that means that, that isn't the reason i get the slow load/start then.
Thanks GF

21-09-2002, 05:08 PM
Boot into safe mode (keep pressing F8 as windows is loading, after the BIOS info has passed) and select step by step.

The machine will reboot, and at each command executed during boot it will ask you y/n (select y for each)

See what the command is that takes the time. Then you will be able to find out what is doing it.

21-09-2002, 05:53 PM
Thanks GF - I will give that a go, its funny tho, its just like the other poster said - everything loads on the desktop and systemtray but the light flickers like it is still doing something or looking for something for that extra minute or so, so you can't do anything like clicking the dial up connection on desktop etc... its always done this, i thought it was normal and sp1 didn't seem to make any difference to it.
Thanks again GF:-)

21-09-2002, 10:48 PM
Hi JZep - sorry it's been a long day, and I've only managed to get online in the past hour, so have only just got to your post :)

Let us know what's the result of the suggestion that GF offered. I did read somewhere recently of another way to get rid of that delay at startup (I read it in the past week I think) but I can't remember where, so I'll have a good search around and see if I can find where it was. The WAN (PPP/SLIP) will be your modem (most likely) as the internet is probably the WAN it's talking about, and if you don't have a network card, then my suggestion won't work :)

It could possibly be your NAV, but if you've installed SP1 then it should have fixed that, as it was a known problem that I think MS released a fix for.

Anyway, I'll see if I can find what I was reading the other day about the annoying delay at startup.


PS is there a delay after resuming from hibernation, or only on a cold boot?

21-09-2002, 11:48 PM
Thanks Mike, i only just got the puter back to try GF's safemode start, but unfortunately it didn't achieve much, just seemed to load everything in a list at the same speed and then got the desktop loaded and all was the same. Its like everything is loaded - (the cursor is not in the working hour glass thing- {whatever the proper name for that is?}) but you can see the light flashing like it is looking or checking something for about a minute or so more, then its o.k. I am pretty sure its only on cold boot i don't think it does it resuming from hibernation? I have just gotten used to it, so i will note that next time. Thanks anyway, mainly wondered cause i saw the other post and like i said had noted on my printed list of hardware it says network cards but wasn't there?
Would be good if you come across what you where reading but don't sweat it, i am hoping to get the computer into the shop in the next week or 2 to have some goodies added so if all else fails i will add that to my list of things to check, actually funny thing is, its been into the shop about 3 or so times in the first 6 months of having it, but it has always come back like this, thats why i thought it was the norm.