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19-09-2002, 09:06 PM
I finally got my problem sorted out, after much fiddling and looking at 'Help' info. I had 'locked' my input table (actually a form) and couldn't remember how I had done so, and so didn't know what I had to do to undo the 'lock'.

To 'unlock' the table, I had to open the form in design view, double-click the form selector (the box where the two rulers meet, in the upper left corner of the the form). This opened the form's property sheet.

To allow additions , set the AllowAdditons property to yes.
To allow edits, set the AllowEdits property to yes.
To allow deletions, set the AllowDeletions property to yes.

All is well that ends well - but the lesson is - put the info somewhere you will remember where to find it when you need it!! :-)

19-09-2002, 10:25 PM
Good on ya RM for working it out! Ah I see - the whole form was locked - I was thinking it was just one field in the form. What a laugh aye, so secure not even you can get at it!

Glad you have it sussed now.

Parry :-)