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17-09-2002, 06:10 PM
Hey people,
I got myself a new 40gb hard drive today, and was wondering if i could get some input.

1) Should I replace my current master (13gb 5400 rpm) with the faster 40gb 7200 rpm drive? If so, how? Ghost or something?

2) How should I wire my two IDE cables if I have a CD-rw, dvd, 13gig (Currently master, but depending on above question change accordingly), and 40gb (slave, and ditto).


17-09-2002, 06:11 PM
Ok, question one was a bit misleading:
it is asking whether I should have 13gig or 40gig as master basically,


17-09-2002, 07:00 PM
I would certainly put the CDROM and DVD on the secondary IDE.
Possibly the DVD as the Master, not certain that that would matter.

As to the Hard drive, I imagine you plan to partition the 40GB, if so perhaps you should clean up the 13GB temp file etc, remove old games etc, then defrag.

Once you have reduced it in size as much as poss, Ghost it ( I prefer it, never had a problem with it) directly to your 40GB.
This should create you a 13GB partition on your 40GB.

Put your 13GB aside for a week to ensure you have a good copy on your 40GB (i'm sure you can spare the space). You can then partition your drive to accommodate applications etc on another partition.
When you are satisfied all is well, reformat the 13GB, chuck it in on slave on primary IDE, it may well turn up as drive d: so be warned.
Use this one for all your games, assuming you have them :)

I prefer to keep my Primary partition ( c:\ ) to about 5GB and install the operating system there. The others can be of any size you choose, but keeping c:\ small means it can be ghosted to CD if you wish.
Of course having Partition Magic can certainly help.

Hope this makes sense.

Chris Wilson
17-09-2002, 07:01 PM
Rumour has it you will be installing suse8 on the system, as soon as some slacker burns disks for you, it will happen i beleive!

*stares at crystal ball* i just know these things

i would keep what you have in place, and for the windoze partitions leave systemy stuff where it is, and put my docs etc on the 40, i would also put the /home partitition on the 40, this is the equivelent of the docs folder windows uses as a suggested stash for a persons documents etc.

Of course i barely know what i'm doing, so try to grab a linux buffs attention!

Another posibility (not sure if this is possible) doze on the 13, suse on the 40