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16-09-2002, 10:39 PM
I have never set up networks before, so I am a little frustrated by a particular problem I am having. My main PC is a WinME/2000Pro unit, the other is Win98SE. I can switch between WinME or Win2K on my main PC at boot, hence the two OS versions.

Using a cross over cable, I have been successful in networkng my 2 PC's at the expense of my browsers ability to access the net on my main PC.
The variables are:

I am running the latest version of ZoneAlarm free edition - can only make a network connection when zonealarm is turned off when using WinME, and, for a brief moment have had a good connection using Win2K, but I cant remember what I did to get there & when it was there, the Win98 machine was not allowed to access the Win2K machine, though it could see the machine.)

I can only get a network connection when Internet Connection Sharing is enabled on the WinME machine, but the modem on the WinME machine keeps dialling into the internet & I can't stop it. Sometimes it stops, but I do not know what makes it stop. My other problem is, IE6 & OE6 can no longer access the internet, though the dial up connection is made. The only way to gain access is to turn off my firewall, which I do not want to do because I have given full permissions to both machines & have shared my printer. I can not run ICS on the Win98 machine as the result is an error message about a device conflict every 30 seconds.

The network cards are both identical, & because a 100mbps connection has already been made quite a few times, I know the hardware works.

My question relates to the protocols used. The cards default is TCP/IP. Is it possible to use a different protocol like netbeui or something else that will not interfere with my internet settings? If another protocol would work, would there be any performance loss or gain?

16-09-2002, 10:53 PM
You need TCP/IP for internet access as netbeui does not pass through routers. You could try IPX but I wouldn't recommend that
The W2K PC needs to log in as a user and the second PC must also log in as the same user (or a user which you have added on the 2K PC) with the same password
In zone alarm, you need to look in the firewall settings and add the IP address or range for the second PC - this should be or something in the range to
You should be using DHCP on the second PC which will get its IP address from the ME or 2K PCs which would have been assigned when ICS was turned on
Zonealarm is probably no longer warning you when the other PC tries to access it as you will have turned the alarm for that event off when it keeps popping up
WinME could be dialling up if you have mapped a drive to the second PC and it is also blocked by zonealarm. This will cause it to dial out to find the share
If you open a DOS prompt and type ipconfig - you will find the IP addresses of the two/theee PCs
You should add these IPs into the trusted hosts in the zonealarm firewall settings to make OE and IE work

16-09-2002, 10:58 PM
Cool, thanks. I'll give it a go.

16-09-2002, 10:59 PM
with ZAF you will need to set internet sicurity to meduim and include the pc in local list.

ics config is really handy for winME, it has settings to disable the auto dail.

i usually use netbeui for windows file shareing and unbind tcp/ip from windows file sharing.

if at all possible use win2k ICS as the win9x/me one is kinda slack.

17-09-2002, 10:46 AM
If you only have a standard dial up connection, throw zone alarm out, you don't need it.
If you do that, then disable ICS and get http://www.wingate.com
and that should solve your problem

I had a problem with zone alarm once not allowing my other pc to connect to the internet, well it would let me but i'd only be allowed 345 bytes. However that was in a earlier version a few years ago, so i'm sure they have improved on it.

If your getting frustrated try my way.
p.s. yes you could use Netbeui for your connections between PC's as you don't have a router. However it's not the best protocol around,

17-09-2002, 11:05 AM
Thanks guys.

I have the network working well using WinME on my main PC & Win98 on the second & I can use IE & OE again. I originally wanted to ues the ics feature, but have read too much bad stuff about it concerning Win98, so I'll flag that. I have uninstalled ICS. ZA is behaving itself & runs well.

I haven't spent alot of time on Win2k yet, but I noticed the results of ipconfig returned an address of
How do I change it to, or do I need to?
Ping returns a 100% loss on both machines when Win2K is running, yet the hardware wizard says the device is functioning normally.

Do I need to add a protocol? Win2K has Client for Microsoft Networks, the Surecom Adapter & TCP/IP.

17-09-2002, 12:47 PM
Your given IP address is interesting in that either DHCP is not working or the machines cannot SEE each othe. That particular address range is for so called private network addressing. You need to be in the range 192.168.x.x/ (as the best subnet mask, unless you have 2000 higher qualifications in the mysteries of networking !!!!) If you use ICS the machine with the IC must have the address This is the GATEWAY connection address for other machines on the network (with 192,etc). ICS really does work. It might help if you scratch all netorking on your 2K machine and reload that bit. Make sure the other machine is switched on and ready. Run the networking wizard, create the networking startup disk and use this on the 98 machine. Oh, and also make sure your networking device, modem, whatever, is also turned on. The only trouble I ever had was trying to get a satellite to share its connection. Like you, it was working and then fell over after a crash (what's this 2K/XP not supposed to crash ? Lightning is not supposed to strike the same place either !!) I gave up in the end when ADSL came to town.
Best of luck.


17-09-2002, 01:04 PM
Thanks Crunn.

Will put it to the test. I did think I should trash the Win2k networing files & reload them, you've confirmed my thoughts & given me a little more ammo to work with. I will try ics using Win2K first, then have a go with WinME.

Mike P