View Full Version : HDD chugs away

15-09-2002, 05:08 PM
.... when I leave the PC alone. When I come back and touch anything it stops. I'm running win xp home. What do I look for in running processes?

Susan B
15-09-2002, 06:03 PM
It's probably doing its "indexing" thing which it likes to do when it thinks you are not looking.

From Graham P:

Indexing service is a database of all the files on your PC. Whenever you change a file, the change is recorded by the indexing service. This speeds up searches by a long way because when your PC looks for your search criteria it only has to search the database, and doesn't have to look at the files on the HD - a slower process. However, if you do not do a lot of searching, indexing accounts for a general performance decrease.
I have uninstalled it, but if you do not want to be as drastic you can just disable it.

There are two ways. One is to open the search window (F3 in any folder) and sift through the preferences and disable it.

The easy way (IMHO) is to goto Start>Control Panel>Performance and Maintenance>Administrative Tools>Services

Scroll down to indexing service, right click and select properties, and change the list box that says automatic or manual to disabled.


15-09-2002, 06:10 PM
Thanks Susan (and Graham)

Have now fixed (hopefully) one of the problems of having the pc in the lounge.