View Full Version : help! part magic crash lost my FAT

15-09-2002, 09:32 AM
i can't get the data off my drive after partition magic crashed 21% through a partition addition.

does anyone know of software that can help me?

i was partitioning a 40GB FAT32 into a 6GB NTFS and 32GB FAT32 when the worst happened. i need to resurect some of the data on the drive if possible?


15-09-2002, 09:39 AM
How much data did you have on your drive before you started? And which was going to be your boot drive (I'm guessing the NTFS one). What OS are you running?

What happened to cause it to crash? :) so many questions LOL


15-09-2002, 09:48 AM
If you boot from a PM floppy - what does PM tell you about the Hard Disk?

15-09-2002, 11:53 AM
it says that the whole space is used but no partitions are there - i'd say it's toast.

Graham L
15-09-2002, 03:27 PM
Changing partitions on a live system is not a trivial operation. It is always possible to lose everything.

If PM does not format new partitions until it's told to, you might be lucky, but there is a fair chance that the original directory has been zapped because the first new one is NTFS. But if you were using PM to move the information, you could well be SOL. I suppose you could try making a full size FAT32 one, not formatting it, and having a look. Then if you are not lucky, try removing that partition; making a 6GB(NTFS) and a 32GB (FAT32) and trying again ... the second one might possibly have the files you had on the original. .... Depending on how much you had on the original system, and where it was supposed to go. If you had less than 6GB and it was to be moved to the new 6GB, it might be there. There again it might not. :-(

15-09-2002, 07:59 PM
Have you tried putting the HDD as a slave to a working one.

15-09-2002, 09:20 PM
Data recovery is your only option.

Either Lost and Found if FAT or dskprobe/norton diskedit if NTFS.

Other options - spend money to get a professional to do it, or
shrug shoulders and start from scratch relising the data is inaccessable to you.

16-09-2002, 05:19 PM
cheers for that merlin,

will try those programs.

16-09-2002, 05:29 PM
I also recommend either getting a pro to do it, or using software.

However, as for getting a pro to do it: DON'T just send it to Mr PC Technical guy at local schmuck computer store. Send it to a professional data-recovery business... because otherwise, your drive will just get nuked even further.

One road to try is the software... I had great success with software from OnTrack (www.ontrack.com). I think it was called Disk Recovery or something. I had messed up my master boot record on a 10gb hard drive, and although the data was still there, no reasonably windows system could access it. I bought the software off the web, ran it, and instantly got 99.9% of my files back. I then backed them up, reformatted the hard drive so I could use it again, and copied the files back to it.

The downside? $US150 for the program. The price of insurance, I guess.

16-09-2002, 09:20 PM
Been there..... done that.... and now have a nice flashy paperweight on my desk in the shape and form of an IDE HDD!!
Tried the PM rescue disk - only that it won't boot despite making it bootable. Tried using other dard drive utilities like Maxtor's MaxBlast to see if I can even access the drive and still nothing will happen.
Even tried booting from CD with the WinXP Pro CD to see if I can even access the HDD and yet.... nothing. And when I say nothing, I mean nothing. Nothing comes up on the screen. Even a bootable CD or floppy won't boot while that HDD is connected.
Even called some PC shops that fix computers - PB Tech and in their words, "Can't help you if you stuff up your hard disk".
I know the high tech experts in data recovery can recover it, but probably not at that cost!

So good luck.