View Full Version : Playing games in XP

15-09-2002, 12:29 AM
I have just upgraded to winXP and have been loading on all the old software/games, and have run into trouble with one. Battle Realms does not want to load because it could not read INI file.
I have heard that some games do not like XP, and you can adjust/tweak a setting that will allow the game to be played. If anyone knows what to do, please let me in on the secret. Thnx ?:|

15-09-2002, 12:57 AM
It should be fully compatible with XP - but then again most things are meant to be :D :D

Make sure you have the latest ver of DirectX, latest patches for Win XP, video card, sound card and the of course the game!

If you have the above and have installed clean from the original disc then the game may not really work with XP the way the developer claims.

If you have "lost" the original disc and have the game resident on a backup disc: I have found that when moving games from PC to PC or between different OS's the main reason that they don't work is a problem with the INI file. I have found the best way to fix this is either checking the file for incorrect file/directory paths in it and editing and saving changes where necessary or just deleting the INI file and the game should create a new INI file on next run and detect the correct settings.