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06-09-2002, 10:44 AM
I have decided that I am going to buy/sell stuff on Trademe.

I noticed there is a "Safe Trader option" Is this advisable, or not important?

I don't personally know anyone selling/buying on Trademe, and as I have seen a few references to it here, thought I would ask.


06-09-2002, 12:25 PM
Yeah I use Trademe a bit, and i guess it comes down to trust... you should look at the "profile" and "feedback" of the person who wins your auction, etc... if it's good, as in more than 10 ppl have had no problems with them, then you shouldn't have a problem either... The other point is that because you are the seller, you shouldn't send goods to them until you receive the money!

If it is an expensive item, I would suggest using a courier company with a "tracking" ability to make sure the package doesn't get lost. Also make sure it is packaged well, because the last thing you want is for someone like CourierPost to turn around and say any damage was caused by poor packaging!

When you go to auction, make sure to specify that the winning bid still needs to pay for the courier costs, and estimate these costs for them! Also specify that the buyer is to pay "safetrader costs" should they wish to use them... Safetrader is more of a pain in the @$$ than anything because you don't get your money for up to 2-3weeks after the conclusion of the auction.

hope this helps! If you need any other advice regarding Trademe, post back...


06-09-2002, 12:43 PM
Thanks Lo.

Thanks for the info, you pretty well covered what I needed to know. The only other thing which I am not sure of is, once you sign up for safe trader, do you have to go with that every time or can you just opt in or out, depending on the value of the goods


06-09-2002, 12:51 PM
You can opt in and out whenever you choose... No need to be tied into Safetrader... personally, I would say that very few ppl use it... and if you say you support it when you're a seller, then as long as the buyer pays the fee for the service and you note that in your auction, you should be pretty covered!

Hope you enjoy that site... I find it helps pass the day quicker when at work! :8}

John Grieve
06-09-2002, 12:51 PM
I have bought and sold on trade-me for quite some time and have only had one problem (with a seller). Check the feedback on members.

There have been problems with bidders that bid the price way up then never carry out the deal which has lead to some hassles for some members recovering the fee trade-me instantly charges to a completed auction.

Use mail tracking for everything you send as there have been hassles with people supposedly not receiving goods and demanding refunds.

If a buyer banks money to your account make sure if it's a check that it has cleared properly before sending goods.

I have never used safetrader but I expect it adds a little security, but it does cost.

Members only auctions are not a bad idea if what you have to sell is popular.

06-09-2002, 12:56 PM
Hi Baldy,

As Lohsinq has mentioned take a look at Profiles&Feedback

of Buyers&Sellers.

I use it from time to time and haven't had any problems ,and don't use

If I was buying something of high value(ie;$1000.00)I would probably
use ST but at this stage can't afford 1/2 that ammount anyway(could get lucky with Lotto this week so who knows?)

It's a good place to buy Ink Carts for your printer!