View Full Version : Susan B breaks the 1000 mark! Congratulations

05-09-2002, 06:32 PM

I see you have hit 1001!!!

For this effort, the best I can do for you at the moment is clap:
{} {} {} {} {} {}
(sorry about the warts)

I know others have passed this mark already, and that some have cast nasturtiums on my own quantity of posts, however Susan deserves a special thank you. I kneel humbly before her and those already of the four figure club.


Chris Wilson
05-09-2002, 07:25 PM
Wooo Hoooooo!!!
Go Susan..........
Next step 2000! B-)

05-09-2002, 07:50 PM
Yes Congrats

One day, Yes just one day I too will reach that mark. :p

05-09-2002, 10:22 PM
Congratulations...and btw, what took you so long?

05-09-2002, 10:23 PM
Yah Susan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Congrats Gurl, BALDY :-)

Told you it would be by Thursday nite

05-09-2002, 10:28 PM
> I know others have passed this mark already, and that
> some have cast nasturtiums on my own quantity of
> posts

HEY! you cruisin' for a bruisin' Mr 272!
(Did you know that Ford made a 272cu in V8 motor?)


05-09-2002, 10:28 PM
congrats Susan! :D:D:D:D:D:D

I thought I'd make it to that mark sooner than this... but then a life-changing event happened... now look - I'm not quite at 500 yet! BAH! In two weeks at Candy I clocked up over 250 posts, yet in 2 1/2 months here not even 500 yet... one day... one day... <mumbles...>


05-09-2002, 10:31 PM
> Congratulations...and btw, what took you so long?

She never cut and pasted Goddy. Hers are legit hehehehehe


(What was that heat on my neck..... My god! a flame!)

05-09-2002, 10:51 PM
Well done Susan! You dont look a day over 999. :-) And I would never suggest it's because women talk alot.

05-09-2002, 10:59 PM
Au Contraire

Susan keeps an electronic card file on a 30 terabyte disk array...

Susan B
05-09-2002, 11:04 PM
:8} :8} :8}

Took me a while to see this thread, being so busy with the registry FAQ tonight, but thank you peoples, thank you! Apart from Baldy I didn't think anyone else would notice my milestone.

It's kinda embarrassing having those numbers ticking over everytime I sneeze on here, but at least I can't see godfather for the dust. You can't exactly call it Susan's Lounge now, can you? :D

Now, I must keep ahead of tweak'e, he's closing the gap...

05-09-2002, 11:14 PM
And what a wealth of information within those 1000 posts too.

Congratulations and thank you Susan.

Cheers. :-) :-) :-)

05-09-2002, 11:19 PM
all i can say godfather is......quality not quanity (did i spell it right ;-)) hehehehehehe :^O lol

nice milestone susan, done in style.

Babe Ruth
06-09-2002, 12:21 AM
Hey well done Susan... :-)

Oh and the cat says purrfect!!

Cheers, Babe.

06-09-2002, 12:37 AM

Rod J
06-09-2002, 01:01 AM
Congrats Susan!

Your first 1000 posts have been a treat to read!

I think it'll be a looooong time before I get up to 1000 :D


06-09-2002, 09:08 AM
(goes off to see if admin screens allow hacking of certain counters...)

06-09-2002, 10:25 AM
It would be interesting to know how many postings each of us would have if the old forum was included as well

06-09-2002, 10:50 AM
No that would be to demorilising for Robo.



06-09-2002, 11:52 AM
:-) Good one Susan, well done, keep them coming!!!;-)

06-09-2002, 12:10 PM
no way baldy.......people would see how badly some of us are addicted to f1 ............and in other eyes tweak'e would put you all to shame :^O

06-09-2002, 02:42 PM
:) so, how many peeps are over the 1K, or at least, who's fast closing?
Susan B
and I know tweak'e's not too far off either!
Congrats all!

Big Ed
06-09-2002, 02:58 PM

Thanks for all your posts. You'll be first in line to get the new PC World T-shirt if we ever get it finished. Between our Xbox, the basketball and Scott being fired this morning (see PS2 thread) we're falling behind.

Chris Keall

Susan B
06-09-2002, 03:19 PM
Thank you Chris, it's a pleasure to be able to help people out.

And I'd be absolutely delighted to get a new PC World t-shirt, that would be really cool.

PS. Nice to see you join the forum. ;-)

06-09-2002, 03:50 PM
This is what I figure (I'm ont 100% feeling on top of the world - sore throat ya know so.... don't hold me to it if its wrong)
Susan B - 30Posts per Day Average
godfather - 45-50 Posts per Day Average

Would that be correct??
That's a lot


Susan B
06-09-2002, 06:36 PM
Er... Chill, I think you need more medicine: 30 posts per day is definitely not right. I'm addicted, but not that bad!! It's probably more like 10 or 11 a day for me and a bit more for godfather.

Speaking of godfather, can we have three cheers for him too? He got to the big K long before me and has solved far more problems than me too. I think he's our Most Valuable Forum Member.

So, congrats to you too godfather: hip-ray, hip-ray, hip-ray!! :x :D

06-09-2002, 06:43 PM
Congratulations Susan.

You've been a life saver to me that's for sure.

I'm not forgetting the others who have helped too.

Well deserved

B-) B-)

:) :)


06-09-2002, 08:01 PM
You've got to be kidding Susan - I think 30 a day would be a lot more accurate! :D

but I guess if you work it out that PressF1 is 77 days old (since the new forum was launched) exactly 1000 posts would be 13 posts a day.


Billy T
06-09-2002, 10:00 PM
May I add my congratulations too Susan, and in case you haven't noticed yet, I have dedicated tonight's WFTWE to you personally. I vaguely remember threatening something of the sort last week. (mutter mutter) but all is forgiven and 1000 posts are worthy of recognition.


Billy 8-{) :D :D

06-09-2002, 11:16 PM
> (goes off to see if admin screens allow hacking of
> certain counters...)

In the admin screens. I don't think so unless you've added in some add-ins to allow this.

Though if you go into the database (probably SQL??) you'll be able to there ;)

07-09-2002, 01:20 AM
...gets down on knees and bows humbly before the mighty Goddess Queen of PC Knowledge and begs to be blessed by the Almighty in hope of attaining a PC technician nirvana...

mark c
07-09-2002, 10:01 AM
Yeah, congrats from me too, been very helpful. :)