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03-09-2002, 09:47 PM
Microsoft Java Virtual Machine for Windows 9x/Me/NT/XP Build 3805
Fileconnect has posted a copy of the Microsoft Java Virtual Machine for download. This version is later than the one that ships with IE 5.01 and is for Windows 9x/ME/NT/XP.

download (http://www.fileconnect.net/modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=1670)

AMD's 333 FSB benchmarks confirmed
The Inquirer (http://www.theinquirer.net) has sneaked a look at an official AMD document that confirms that the 333MHz FSB for processors is indeed concrete. The new 2700+ will use the 333MHz front side and 256K L2 cache, while the new Barton processors, the 2800+ and 3000+ will have 333MHz FSB and a 512K of L2 cache. The 333MHz feasibility study finished on August 19, while there will be Thoroughbred 333MHz samples for qualification during this month. Its validation testing for motherboards also begins this month, while volume Thoroughbred 333MHz availability is slated for October. Read the rest of the story here (http://www.theinquirer.net/?article=5218).

Trojan Remover 4.8.1 released
Version 4.8.1 of Trojan Remover is out for download. Trojan Remover comes with the following built-in features:
Trojan Remover will examine all the system files, including the Windows Registry and determine the programs and files that are loaded at boot time. The majority of Trojan Horses (once triggered) are loaded this way.
Trojan Remover will scan ALL the files loaded at boot time for Remote Access Trojans ('backdoors', like NetBus, SubSeven, Back Orifice etc.).
For each identified Trojan Horse, or unrecognized program, Trojan Remover will pop up an alert screen showing the file location and name; it will offer to remove the program's reference from the system files and allow you to rename the file to stop its activation.
Most modern Trojans make themselves memory-resident, making their de-activation more difficult. How many times have you been told to start your computer in 'Safe' mode, or even worse, in DOS? Trojan Remover will do all this for you. When a Trojan is found that is memory-resident, Trojan Remover will (on request) reboot your system and completely DISABLE the Trojan before Windows restarts. It also protects the system files whilst doing so by making them read-only.
Trojan Remover writes to a detailed logfile each time a Scan is performed. This file contains information on which programs are loaded at boot-time, and what (if any) actions Trojan Remover carried out. This logfile can be printed out for future reference.
Incorporates the ability to automatically scan for Trojans every time you start your computer.
You can scan individual files and directories from within Windows Explorer.
Trojan Remover's database currently holds 5677 individual trojan/worm signatures (including variants) [as at 1st September 2002].
A handy little tool to have to protect against all those files that expose your PC to hackers.
download (http://www.simplysup.com/tremover/download.html)

Iron Storm Demo released
A playable demo of Iron Storm is out for downloading and playing. Iron Storm is a first and third-person shooter by 4X Studio that is set in an alternate World War I that still rages in 1964. The demo features two missions from the full game and supports English and the main European languages.

download (http://www.3dgamers.com/news/more/1031000507/)

Asus BIOS Updates
Asus have released some new beta BIOS files for the motherboards listed below:
Asus Bios A7V8X 1006 - 01 Beta
Asus Bios A7N266-Serie 1004 - 03 Beta
Asus Bios P4S533-E 1007 - 03 Beta
Asus Bios P4B533 - Serie 1009 - 03 Beta
Asus Bios P4S8X 1004 - 02 Beta
Asus Bios P4S533-VM 1008 - 02 Beta
Asus Bios TRL-DLS 1003 Final (=1003 - 01 Beta)
Asus Bios TR-DLS 1006 Final (=1006 - 05 Beta)
Asus Bios TR-DL 1006 Final (=1006 - 05 Beta)
download (http://www.asuscom.de/support/techmain/technical.htm?ctn4)

NVDVD Reg Tweak
NVMax has posted up a registry tweak for nVidia's nvDVD software DVD player. The tweak will allow you to capture full scenes instead of just frab grabs. Here's a small snip on what they said:
You know that nVDVD lets you grab frames, and record WAVs from DVDs... But this version allows you to record full scenes!!!!!!!!!. I have found that you only have to add a key to Windows registry. You can use attached reg file to enable a new tab called "Scene capture" where you can record and play scenes!!

There are some other tabs available, but I am still searching the way to enable them
Grab the from the left-hand side menu under Windows XP downloads here (http://www.nvmax.com/).

Smallest PC in the world has been updated to Pentium 4 spec
The EzGo PC, the smallest PC in the world has had it's specs upgraded to now run on a Pentium 4 processor and USB 2.0. Here's a list of the specs:
Processor - Intel Pentium 4, supports processor 478-Pin, CPU system bus at 400MHz
System Chipset - SIS 650
Memory - 0Kb on-board - 2Gb, two slots support 200PIN SODIMM using 128Mb, 256Mb, 512Mb (1Gb when available) DDRRAM
Video - 64Mb VRAM (share), 4xAGP 2.0 compliant, support 1600x1200 pixels, 24bits p/pixel, 16.7million colours, 15pin VGA
Storage - One 2.5" 12.5mm HDD (ATA 133/100/66), one ATAPI-IDE interface slim type for CDROM, DVDROM, CDRW, COMBO
Audio - Built-in-sound, built-in-speaker, one mic-in (front), one ear phone (front), one line-out, one line -in, one SPDIF
Communications - Built-in 56K V90 modem, built-in 10/100/1000Mbps Ethernet, one 10/100 RJ45, one Gb, built-in-IrDA , RJ11
Connections - TV-port (support 1024x768, S&AV), two mini Firewire (1394) ports (400Mbps), 2xUSB2.0 (rear), 2xUSB1.1 (front), one type II PCMCIA slot (for wireless applications), Serialx1, Parallelx1, PS2x2
Electrical - Line voltage 110v (90v - 130v AC) or 230v AC (180v - 260v AC), Max power 120Watts
Weight & Size - System approximately 1250g, system dimensions 198x161x62mm
Operating System - Windows 98/2000, Windows NT, Windows Me, Windows XP and Linux
The PC isn't expected to go on sale until sometime in the third quarter of the year. For more info and some pic, go here (http://www.atoz-ezgo.com.tw/products.htm).

Unreal Tournament 2003 Hands-On Preview at ECTS 2002
Gamesdomain has published their hands-on review of Unreal Tournament 2003 straight from this years ECTS convention. Here's a snip of their thoughts:
While Infogrames' main ECTS 2002 booth consisted of a cinema screen running brief videos of the company's latest bits and bobs at 15 minute intervals, those looking for a game to play were inevitably led to the Nvidia stand, replete with gyrating dancers blown by desk fans. No, we don't know why either. Playing on a pair of closed networks on the stand was the latest build of Unreal Tournament 2003, constantly crowded by eager punters of all genders, and even ages (11 year olds at an 18+ only event?! Heavens above and other such expressions of shock). We last played the 'sports' FPS in an alpha stage earlier in the year, and are happy to report that the full set of bells and whistles have been duly attached with a distinct flavour of panache.
Catch the whole review here (http://www.gamesdomain.co.uk/ects2002/246.html).

Medal of Honour Map Downloads
3DGaming.de have posted the results for their Medal of Honour Mapping Contest called Map Assault 2002. They have posted all the maps entries for individual download, as well as a map pack compiling the maps into one package. Grab em fro the link below.
download (http://contest.3dgaming.de/maps/charts.shtml)

New HighPoint BIOS's and drivers
There are new HighPoint BIOS and driver files out for the following Highpoint products:
- HIGHPOINT RocketRAID 1520 Drivers pour w9x/me w2k/xp nt version 2.33s (http://www.highpoint-tech.com/1520drivers_down.htm) + bios version 2.33s (http://www.highpoint-tech.com/1520drivers_down.htm) and Administrator version 2.31 (http://www.highpoint-tech.com/1520drivers_down.htm)
- HIGHPOINT RocketRAID 1540 Drivers pour w9x/me w2k/xp nt version 1.21 (http://www.highpoint-tech.com/1540drivers_down.htm) + bios version 1.2 (http://www.highpoint-tech.com/1540drivers_down.htm) and Administrator version 2.31 (http://www.highpoint-tech.com/1520drivers_down.htm)
- HIGHPOINT HPT370/372/372A ATA 133 RAID drivers version 2.33 w9x/me (http://www.highpoint-tech.com/v233s_Win98_rr1520.zip) w2k/xp (http://www.highpoint-tech.com/v233s_2k_XP_rr1520.zip) nt4 (http://www.highpoint-tech.com/v233s_NT_rr1520.zip)
- HIGHPOINT HPT374 UDMA/ATA133 RAID drives version 1.21 w9x/me (http://www.highpoint-tech.com/v121s_Win98_rr154x.zip) w2k/xp (http://www.highpoint-tech.com/v121s_2k_XP_rr154x.zip) nt (http://www.highpoint-tech.com/v121s_NT_rr154x.zip)

iuVCR version beta released
A new version ( of iuVCR, the Windows video recording program, has been released and is available at the link below. As a refresher iuVCR is described as the following:
iuVCR is a Windows 2000/XP intended video recording program. Have a TV tuner or a video capture card installed on your Windows 2000 or XP system? Now you can easily record your favorite TV programs and videos in *.AVI or *.WMV format. iuVCR has got a simple and plain interface, allows to capture video of any format, resolution and duration, can automatically start when scheduled and has a number of other useful features.

As any DirectShow application, iuVCR allows to record *.AVI files of any size, overriding a file size limitation of 2GB inherent to old video capture programs. Using Windows 2000/XP and NTFS file system, you can record *.AVI files of size, limited only by your harddisk capacity. So, using iuVCR in conjunction with recommended hardware, you will be able to record with no frame loose long-lasting videos in any resolution with ease.
download (http://www.iulabs.com/eng/iuvcr/download.shtml)

Complete Internet Cleanup Pro 1.0 released
Complete Internet Cleanup Pro, the program that covers your internet surfing tracks, version 1.0 has been released for download. Complete Internet Cleanup Pro will erase all your internet activity by clearing the Cache, Cookies and History including the index.dat files. It can also display the contents of the index.dat files. Check out more info on CICP
here (http://www.pcmesh.com) and download from the link below.
download (http://www.pcmesh.com/cicp.zip)

Windows XP and Service Pack 1:Why The XP Keygen Won’t Help… For Long
A bloke by the name of br0adband has posted a page on the net explaining how one day in the future, that key you generated to get around the SP1 installation problem will get blocked by Microsoft because apparently they have a database of every key distributed with their Windows XP software. Here's a cut from the intro:
Microsoft, in its infinite wisdom and infinite pockets, keeps track of every single stinkin’ Product Key, Product ID, Product Code, CD Key, Licensing Key, Volume Licensing Key, etc etc etc ad nauseum. What does this mean to YOU? It means that, for the time being, if you have used the popular “XP Key Recoverer and Discoverer 5.12” that’s out floating around on the Internet to generate a CD Key to activate/register your copy of XP (Home, Pro or Corp) you’ll be SOL (read: **** Outta Luck) in a short period of time. “But why oh why?” you ask. Read on and you’ll hopefully understand.
Have a look at the rest of this interesting article here (http://pages.prodigy.net/br0adband/Windows_XP_and_Service_Pack_1.htm).

SpamNet Beta 6c Is now available for download
A new program that stops email spam from getting delivered to your email has been released in its next beta version (6c). The program is called SpamNet from Cloudmark and the new version has the following changes:
- Adds SOCKS4/5 firewall support
- Toolbar position memory
- A fix for the disappearing buttons and much more
Supports Outlook 2000/XP, Coming Soon Support for Outlook Express.
download (http://www.cloudmark.com/)

Xbox Linux 0.2 released
A new version (0.2) of the Linux project for Xbox has been released. If you are not sure what the project is all about then check this description:
The Xbox Linux Project aims to provide a version of GNU/Linux for the Xbox, so that it can be used as an ordinary computer. Linux should make use of all Xbox hardware and allow to install and run software from standard i386 Linux distributions. An Xbox running Linux may be very useful as a desktop computer, as a (web) server or as a node in a Linux cluster.
This is some serious stuff if your into techno tinkering and could be worth a look if your prepared to risk your $400 investment.
download (http://xbox-linux.sourceforge.net/index.php)

04-09-2002, 04:58 PM
Linux on XBox, B Gates must be FUMING!

04-09-2002, 05:02 PM
Was bound to happen, what do you expect when you repackage a PC, sell it without a screen and call it a games machine.