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27-08-1999, 08:58 AM
I recently purchased a new computer, Pentium 111 450
I installed a Microtek scanner, which has been on another machine for approx. two years).
Unfortunately there was an IRQ conflict with the scanner and as there was no available IRQ?s I decided to therefore uninstall all the software. I did this with either the manufactures uninstall program or Cybermedia uninstaller. The only thing that could not be uninstalled was the adaptec software, which I deleted manually.
I then loaded a DVD CD in the drive and received the above message
?NO ASPI support for WIN32?
After the drive made various noises the following message appeared
The program has performed an illegal operation and will be closed down.
The details were page fault at WOWDVD in Y32.dvd.dll.
I have not been able to resolve this problem and have searched various knowledge bases of Microsoft, Adaptec but cannot find an answer.
The computer was taken back to the dealer who has tried different DVD Drives and cards and received the same message. The only way they could cure the problem was to start from scratch and uninstall Windows 98 and reinstall it. They also put in another DVD drive (Toshiba)
All our other files and data were saved and appear to be working OK
I believe the problem may have arisen from the scanner installation as everything is now working OK but with no scanner.
Could you please advise me whether you have come across this problem and if so how do you remedy the situation. At present I have a scanner that I cannot or dare not use in case the problem arises again.
I look forward to your comments

Yours very frustrated

R Gathergood

1) 64mg SDRAM
2) 1.44 Floppy Drive
3) Tatung DVD Rom drive and Tatung Dvd decoder card
4) Ensonig Sound card
5) 8mg AGP Video Card
6) 56K Dynalink Modem
7) Windows 98 Second Edition
8) McAfee 4.0 Loaded
9) MS Mouse11 PS/2