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mark c
29-08-2002, 02:56 PM
Excellent. (the new users one)

1. Antivirus. By AVG link says "Norton has the middle of the range". Huh?

2. Firewalls. Scripts seem no diff. to viruses. Could mention adblocker facility in Opera.

3. Email. Excellent to mention about 'preview pane'. Could say about Hotmail's 'private info sharing' and how if you turn it off it turns itself back on, and because most popular attracts most spam.

4. Updates. Exc.

5. Chat & porn. ditto

6. Spyware typo line 6 'that's'.

7. Copy and Paste. Exc. Learnt a bit. Always just been restricted to using it in a word processor.

8. Help. Thanks for 'majorgeeks' and 'langlist'.

9. Books. LOL yr pic.

10. Maintenance. Exc. Typo in system tools line 4 'AAccessorriiesss".

11. Pictures typo line 2 - include.

12. Patches/drivers. Great - learnt a lot, never updated any drivers except thru MS updates.

13. More help typo line 3 - handy.

Overall terrific. Just what I was looking for 18 months ago and very valuable to people starting. Maybe get it inserted into the FAQs as "Where do I begin" or something similar. Good on you and yes I do like the cartoons and gags. Could do with more 'further reading' kind of links.

Greg S
29-08-2002, 03:22 PM
Add a link to the sponsor? *hint hint* :) haha

I'd always intended to make a small ad on user's sites, but how could I when I hate the damn things so much myself!

29-08-2002, 05:00 PM
LOL......thanks for the feedback guys, the typo's are being fixed as we speak. I have finally found the time to run it all through a spell checker etc.

Greg have a read on the Making A Web site/page section......I listed you as the first choice. Damn I'm a nice bloke...lol :)

I'm currently working on a links section for more help and advice and just some general fun.

Also working on a recommended downloads section, what do you think are the MUST HAVES for a computer user?

Please remember that the site is aimed at novice and new users with the entire range of Operating Systems so it has to be kept fairly simple and easy to understand/use

I'm planning to branch off the pages into more in depth coverage of the topics at a later stage so viewers can simply click a link from the topic to get into more detail and technical information.

LOL.....personal note to self......I will not let this go to my head, I will not let this go to my head, I will no....ahh bugger it :) :D :D

Susan B
29-08-2002, 05:36 PM
Yeah, there should be a FAQ link to dippy's site, I reckon.

Could I suggest that instead of you reinventing the wheel you could just put in a link to Sam's links site? I'm sure he'd put a link to your site in return. :D

Then again, you could probably do well to pick out the best sites for noobies and list them on your own site anyway, as well as have a link to Sam's place.

As for recommended downloads, tweak'e got a good thread on those not long ago - do a search for FAQ and it will turn up. Pinch the links off that.

Sam H
29-08-2002, 06:29 PM
Dippy if you are wanting to put a link to my site then link it to http://computerlinks.hostnz.co.nz I am currently in the process now of moving my site to Gregs web hosting service as I was having problems with Liquid2k. You site will soon be linked on my site in a section for beginners.

Cheers to you all, update your bookmarks. :D