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24-08-1999, 12:36 PM
I have just tried to install an HP Scanjet 5200C onto my system(Win 98, Pent.133, 48MB RAM, 4.3GB H/D). I have come across several problems. The first is that the scanner won't scan at all and instead gives the message:
'The scanner is not responding.Check its installation or run HP scanner test to help you determine the cause[2093]'.

When it does scan the text of a simple text document is garbled and spread all over the place. Doing a copy only has thesame result, but not quite so bad, when printed.

Another error message has popped up occasionally which says:
'An undefined program error has occurred [2117].'

I have tried a second scanner so it is not the scanner itself. I have tried the scanner with and without the printer without any change.

I have checked HP's website for any clues. They specify the same error that I have got[2093] with a USB installation(I have a parallel port installation). Have tried that fix without success. I have the latest drivers installed on the LPT1 port. I have also tried changing the BIOS settings for this port - currently at ECP/EPP - have tried normal and ECP on it's own.

I have reinstalled the software twice with no change either.

It passes the limited tests that the HP programme provides.

Could it be a problem with the port itself?

The only other thing I have noticed is that the printer has recently been printing with lines through the printed material which I put down to the cartridges both being nearly empty (HP 600 deskjet).

The scanner installation programme tells me that the scanner should work okay with the printer that I have.

Does anyone have any ideas?


Darryl Lennane

04-02-2005, 06:14 AM
I have the same problem. I found this great link though, give it a shot. Mentions the symtoms that we are sharing and some helpful solutions.


good luck...I think this will work for you. :thumbs: