View Full Version : USB PCI driver

26-08-2002, 06:49 PM
i got a usb ide card for my old comp
so i can use my flash card reader on it

but the PCI card didn't come with any driver
it said the one supplied with win98 will work

but it didn't

everytime i plug something in
i get the blue screen of death
but at the same time the usb controller and the rest shows up in the hardware manerger

many people said this is caused by incorrect driver

i couldn't really identify my card
so couldn't look up drivers for it

does anyone know what to do
or know what the real problem is?

Graham L
27-08-2002, 06:29 PM
Can the supplier help? If not, there ought to be printed on the card somewhere "FCC ID " followed by a few letters and numbers. You can use the search at www.fcc.gov/ (you will need to look around the site a bit to find it). That will give the manufacturer's name, which will help in a search for a driver. Post back here with the information you do find if you have no luck.