View Full Version : Downloading Msn Mail Into Outlook Express

24-08-2002, 03:55 PM
hi folks.. i use outlook express to download my xtra mail and also my hotmail mail..use it all the time and it works sweet.i got a new msn account, and deleted my hotmail one..and deleted the hotmail one in outlook as well..and added the msn account n outlook...but outlook wont d/l the folders?..and its been like that since i set up the msn acct n outlook..all the options are right...http server..mail provider is hotmail etc..exactly the same with my hotmail acct..but when i go synchronise..it neva d/ls the folders..just says service unavailable..i put in my old hotmail acct to test it..and it worked sweet.so im just wondering..does msn use a different http mail server?..

please help!