View Full Version : External Monitors with XP Professional

23-08-2002, 10:55 PM
I'm trying to run a laptop through a television set that has a VGA or RGB plug. My laptop runs XP, but I'm struggling to find a television that would do this for me. One brand new 100hz television looked likely, but the screen resolution needed to be set at 480X640 (or something) .. this laptop won't allow anything smaller than 800X600 ...
Does anyone know what sort of television I would need to show powerpoint displays?

23-08-2002, 11:42 PM
You will be pushing it to find a tv with a vga input, but most sets have a composite video (AV) input. Trouble is, you may not have Video AV out on your laptop. AV uses an RCA plug, and is the standard for video and audio on VCR and TVs

Unless you have this (and 640x480 is common) on your laptop, you will need to buy an expensive TV out convertor.

Many desktops do have AV (TV out) and some laptops also. 800x600 on later ones
Its for this reason TVs are seldom ever used for presentation, and projector units are popular, they accept VGA/XVGA