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22-08-2002, 10:56 PM
Setting up a windows 2000 server for my school as a domain
Using XP computers (15) connecting to it with various people (150) using roaming profiles,
What I really want is each pc to have the email address like pc1@...... pc2@........ each user who logs on will use these default settings whoever they are.
any help greatly appreciated

22-08-2002, 11:52 PM
This setup doesn't seem to make sense. Probably because I don't have all the information.
It all depends what email software you are using on the server and will the clients run Outlook or Outlook express or Pegasus etc. If you give all the PCs PC1@... etc, then when people log in to that PC, they will receive all email to the PC which will not be sorted according to who the user is. Is this what you want? The poor user will be inundated with email that has been sent to the PC and will not know what mail is intended for them.
Is the reason you want this because you do not want to set up 150 users?
The easiest option I envisage is to have 150 pst files on the server and run Outlook with the users having their profiles restricted in size and stored on the server (which is roaming as you stated)
The users would be called user 1 through 150 or any numbers you choose (eg student no) and you can use group policy to roll out the configuration of the PCs
The confusing aspect is what exactly are you trying to achieve with a reduced amount of email addresses?

23-08-2002, 12:48 PM
Thanks for the reply
you are right I am just trying to avoid having a lot of email address's,
some way to have the email address's automatically setup for the users as when i currently set up a user when i go to outlook express after logging the new user on it requires human (me) toset up the address etc

the email server is running mercury on a different pc to the server domain i am trying to setup

23-08-2002, 06:49 PM
I can't think of a way to avoid the individual email addresses required for everyone, or having to set them up on every PC.
Another option would be if you get a small business server, then you could use Exchange webmail.
If this is too expensive, MDaemon also has webmail functionality
With a webmail solution, you only need to set the users up at the server and tell them their logon and password to webmail