View Full Version : PUBLIC NOTICE: Teachme, yoonboy and help

21-08-2002, 11:44 AM
OK - Tim, your recent posts and "discussions" with your alleged cousin Yoonboy are not acceptable. They are annoying and offensive to others, complete with foul language and insults. I don't care if you are talking to yourself or a real person, it is not welcome here.

I'm not going through a second warning process because you've had the warnings and know the drill. So teachme, help and yoonboy are now locked accounts. "help" and "yoonboy" may not be you but have contributed to your infantile threads.

I can compare your IP address against any other user, for any other time. And in case you never read the email I sent you (assuming your email address was real) I know which ISPs you use.

So if you come back and continue to be disruptive I will go to the ISPs concerned and complain about your behaviour. I will provide your posts, the warnings you have received, your IP addresses used and the times you posted. They will look up their records and take whatever action they feel is necessary. Please do not come back, you are not welcome.

To other Pressf1 users - in future if you see threads/posts you believe to be from "teachme", don't reply to them - just inform me via email. I'm not moderating 24/7 but I will retro-actively address them.

No further discussion on this issue is required.