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20-08-2002, 07:45 PM
I have just looked in the new world of linux (a new user and i need help in little steps )

I have got me a copy of mandrake 8.2

install went well the second time.

during the install i was tole "no sound card found"

I have a SL-75DRV5 motherboard from soltek (onboard sound from VIA)

I have downloaded the sound files from the new and i get a zip with a colection of files for onbard sound using VIA VT8233a south bridge

i did what the readme said and it dident work.

the read me just says find the archive for your linux version in the zip.
login as root
extract the archive.
unzip the few files
run vinstall

when i run vinsatll it backs up my modules file and then errors on the "insmod" part.

any help would be nice.


20-08-2002, 11:18 PM
i hate to do this but.......


21-08-2002, 12:15 AM
Dunno if this will help, but did you get the drivers for the right kernel?

The reason I ask is cos I just helped NZMerlin install mandrake 8.2 on his HP and all went well (the second time, after I 'accidentally' set the boot loader to 0 seconds default linux - hard to get into windows but managed it) anyway I digress we got back into windows and downloaded a driver for the winmodem, but we had to download the correct kernel version and the download was a , um , watcha callit - package thingy :D that you just run and install itself.

As far as the sound goes, it must have picked it up cos after a few reboots it started making music on loadup...

21-08-2002, 12:21 AM
yep i got me the package for mandrake 8.2 and ran it.

but i got an error at the install stage.

i have a sound.o file (sound.o is not he exact name...)

what do i do with it??

21-08-2002, 12:30 AM

Just on an off thought, maybe the package is broked. It has happened.

I reckon if it's not a biggie, have a go at downloading again or from a different source just to be sure.

Apart from that, I aint a clue - sorry...

Graham L
21-08-2002, 04:14 PM
The sound.o file is what Windows call a driver. It is an essential module in Linux. It should have been put in the /lib/modules/ ... directory tree. (the next level usually has a numeric name like 2.4.20 -- your kernel release and patch level) . insmod can't find it unless it is 0pn the right place. You could try manually loading it with root@localhost#insmod sound.o or root@localhost#depmod sound.o. You need to cd to the directory where the file is before either of these (or give the full path to sound.o ).

Were you logged in as root when you did the vinstall? This is essential (you can tell by the "#" prompt).
Was the package an RPM package? They are much easier to install than .tar.gz or .tgz files. It might be worth looking for one.

21-08-2002, 10:18 PM
I presume the setup for sound under Mandrake is the same as RedHat - if so then while logged in as root, at the command line interface type "sndconfig" and the card should be autosensed and set up presuming the drivers are available.