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20-08-2002, 05:29 PM
Hiya. I was wondering if someone could help me out here. I've sorta been thrown into the deep end with our network and have the following problem when trying to restore data from a backup tape.

Messenger Service:

Message from NTSERVER to NTSERVER on 8/7/2002 9:42:27AM

From: Backup on NTSERVER
User: Administrator

Place Media "Daily Backup Tape - 1" into drive or library unit.

Waiting for Tape:

Tape Loading in Process...Click Cancel to Stop

Requested tape:
"Daily Backup Tape", Media # 1

Please check the Removable Storage Management MMC

We alternate two tapes on Wednesdays and Fridays.
Active Backup Destination is: 4mm DDS
Media Name: "Daily Backup Tape"

Backup of "C: "
Backup set # 1 on media # 1
Backup description: "Daily Backup"
Backup Type: Normal

Everything is backing up okay - I presume. But it's when it comes to restoring files where I get the above problem. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks heaps :-)

20-08-2002, 05:39 PM
Have a look at this site, it seems to cover your problem...


05-09-2002, 01:53 PM
Thank you soooo much. That answered one problem. Now the next problem I have is the following:

"To avoid this problem, use a separate backup job, and separate media, for each backup. For example, a Monday through Friday backing scheme would require you to schedule a backup job for each day, with a corresponding unique name for the media used for each backup job."

I have a tape for Wednesday and a tape for Friday and this is the script we use as the moment:

@echo off
cd \backup
del /Q c:\Backup\Backup*.log
ntbackup backup "@C:\Backup\Daily.bks" /N "Daily Backup Tape" /D "Daily Backup" /UM /P "4mm DDS" /M Normal /L:s /HC:on /V:no
cd \Documents and Settings\Default User\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Windows NT\NTBackup\data
for %%f in (backup*.log) do move %%f c:\Backup
cd \Backup
for %%f in (backup*.log) do copy %%f c:\Backup\Temp.log /Y
del /Q c:\Backup\Backup*.log
ren Temp.log Backup.log
postie -to:backuplog@faithcity.org.nz -from:backuplog@faithcity.org.nz -s:"FaithCity Backup Log" -nomsg -file:"C:\Backup\Backup.log"

Does anyone know what changes I need to make so that I can use my Wednesday tape and Friday tape? Any help would be very much appreciated. Thanks heaps!

05-09-2002, 03:04 PM
All the "switches" are listed here (http://www.jsifaq.com/sube/tip2100/rh2148.htm)

A quick look suggests the tapes are not uniquely named?
Others will be more familiar though...

05-09-2002, 04:18 PM
Thank you once again. I am REALLY a newbie at all this, so reading the scripts is like reading a foreign language for me. If anyone can let me know how to rewrite the above script to accept a Wednesday tape and a Friday tape, I would soooo much appreciate it. And if there is anything else I am needing to change for this procedure to be accepted, I am open for any advice. Thank you in advance. :-)