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19-08-2002, 10:51 PM
Hi, all of a sudden my graphics and sound start breaking up when trying to play games that we've played happily until now. Graphics are jerky and don't settle down. I've done all nortons diags and defrags, virus checks etc etc etc. Also, I've noticed that when a game cd is put in tray the computer seems to stop and start a bit when trying to initialise. You can hear it spin then slow down then start up again. The green light flickers and sometimes goes completely off. Is it a software or hardware prob do you think?

Any specific and/or broad ideas would be welcome.
Thanks folks

Jen C
19-08-2002, 11:11 PM
Did you try START>RUN>dxdiag ?

19-08-2002, 11:12 PM
Make sure you have the bare bones running when you play the games.

Otherwise, you (ie your computer) could be suffering from the notorious windows bloat.

20-08-2002, 10:21 AM
if you are running XP that is normal , try emptying out all the garbage built up in your cache and HDD, window washer is good also reg cleaner .
I use Fix-it to clean up my registry better for registry cleaning than nortons utils then defrag using Diskeeper
Norton also has a mirror function that i wouls disable it tends to slow down your PC as well you will have to uninstall then do a custom reinstall I use Goback myself which is brilliant for restoring my PC after a disaster .
Have all my utils on one disk if you need them tennisplayer43 at hotmail dot com

20-08-2002, 12:54 PM
Turn off your virus scanner, especially either Norton or McAfee ... it's amazing the hit either of these two give your system when game-playing. Just remember to turn it back on afterwards. :)