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19-08-2002, 09:14 PM
Often I activate Pop Up dialog boxes (Fill in Field Codes) in my Word 97 templates to enter text, rather than entering the text by scrolling throughout the actual template. Is there a quick way to toggle between the pop up boxes and the actual template so that I can change or update any fixed text within the template? Currently you have to fill in all the pop up boxes before gaining entry in the template...

21-08-2002, 12:10 PM
Hi I'm not entirely sure how you created your template but do you run a macro to come up with the dialog boxes? If so, it is going through each dialog box in order and when the last one is finished it then lets you resume control to the document (depending upon how the code is desighned and whether it protects it or not).

I don't believe you can do what you want - break into the middle of the code and enter a few things then resume where you left off. I presume the template is based on an Auto_Run type macro where the code runs when you first open the document (ie first thing you see is the first dialog box). By selecting CTRL-Break you can stop the macro which will enable you to enter things in the document, but then you would have to run the macro in it's entirity to complete through all the boxes.

May I ask why you need to actually break into the code to write things then resume? This sort of defeats the purpose of the dialogs function. The obvious answer is to add more dialogs for the pieces you need.


26-08-2002, 09:54 PM
Parry- Thanks for your reply...

My templates are based on "report".dot (template) which as you may know when you add text or data for a new report. You then save the new report as a "report".doc (document). I had created the dialog boxes by using the "Fill In" commands on the Tools - Insert Fields command menu by scrolling down to "Fill In"(which I suspect are not used that much by Word users - as few would probably know or bother about them)
Hence I had not directly created any Macro as in the usual Macro commands procedure. Though in essence a Macro has probably been created by this little known field command - which is quite useful, which I had learnt in a advanced Word Course.

You enter reminder/question type text in the "Fill In" fields throughout the template, and the text dialog boxes with this text "pop up" when you re-open the template and press the Control-A (select document), and F9 command to run the dialog boxes when filling in, ie. typing up, a new report.
You then enter the actual text that will be displayed to the report, of which the reminder/question type "pop up" text remains hidden, - being a field code. You can toggle between the displayed report and the hidden "Fill In" field codes to change text in the fields if you want (Alt -F9)after filling in all the boxes to complete the report. This is useful for long documents that have the same format and only the data changes, and dates, requestor's names, etc; Rather than scrolling throughout and typing throughout...

However I cannot "jump" between the dialog boxes and the document being created so that I can refresh my memory about the actual format. You had asked why this needs be done; I have about 50 of these "fixed" templates (many are actually derivatives - same basic format but for different customers and their details) for my extensive numerical based technical templates, but only access a given set on either a monthly, 2 - 3, and even a 6 monthly basis (this reflects the seasonal nature of our work...packaging & dairy products)of which set is extensively used when the time arrives. Therefore I need partial refreshment of their formats when using the dialog boxes.

Perhaps I should add more dialog boxes to the templates (never thought of that!)....Again thanks for your reply...

27-08-2002, 07:13 PM
Hi, thanks for the info on Fillins.. sounds much like bookmarking areas for inserting text. I recall using these or something similar a few years ago but had forgotten about them. Youd know more about them than me :-)

Im not aware of the reports template - is it one of the templates that comes with office? Anyway, if it runs some dialog boxes in order it may not be possible to break into it then resume as its indicating a code/function running.

There are some good sites on the internet for help on Word. Try a search on Google for "Microsoft Word Help Message Board" or something like that. Youll get better results from a site dedicated to discussion on Word.

28-08-2002, 11:13 PM
Hi...The "Fill In" fields are, I think based on field codes rather than creating & inserting book marks, but the overall concept sounds similar. Book marks are activated by selecting text to book mark which can be repeated throuhout a document by using the "Insert cross - reference fuction" (which are also hidden field based codes) where you can cross reference to a book mark that you set (eg. text bookmark, date, page no.'s, etc).
Hence when you open a template (*.dot) to save as a document (*.doc) the cross reference(s) will automatically display the book marked text to what you had cross -referenced to. For example a date could be repeated throughout a document based on a cross reference boomarked date usually inserted on the first page. It sort of works like the basic setup of Headers...but in the main body of the documents.

The dot templates are just standard word.dot templates, which I find are generally better to use (ie. to generate new reports)rather than copying and overwriting a standard word.doc document, as this can lead to errors such as leaving original text when saving as a new document. The dot templates come with Office 97 (which I use) but I think you need to set it up (Our IT department set this up for me) via Tools...Options...User Profiles (I think).

As you say, I probably cannot interupt (easily) the dialog boxes to jump to the body document, but using Google to find help (perhaps a utility may exist)is a good idea (again, something basic I did not think of !)...