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19-08-2002, 07:27 PM
I inadvertently did not operate Adaware and have ended up with spyware from gator.com. Adaware does seem to be able to delete it and even deleting it manually from the registry does not seem to work. Help!

19-08-2002, 07:42 PM
Hm... gator.com are a group of evil people, are they not? I am not certain of how to destroy a specific type of spyware, but here's the process I'd go through in an attempt to get rid of it:

Firstly, see if it can't be thwarted by removing it from the startup section of Msconfig. Even if this doesn't get rid of it, it should give you its path.

Now, having found the path, attempt to delete it in windows. You'll most likely get an 'access denied' message, but it's worth a try anyway.

Thirdly, write down the directory and reboot into dos. CD to the directory, and then DEL the files.

This SHOULD have axed them, but you can never be sure. It will, however, get around the access denied message.

If you can't find their path, do some vague 'find files and folders' searches with lots of wild cards.

Be careful not to delete anything of importance.

I hope that this helps.

Oh - have you tried taking them off add/remove programs? :-P

19-08-2002, 10:08 PM
Gator BAD !!
This place GOOD !! (http://scumware.com/)

19-08-2002, 11:13 PM
I've found a few pieces of spyware that will stop adaware from finding them if its installed when they install.

Try uninstalling adaware, deleteing any files left over in its install directory then reinstall it (preferably the latest version).