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19-08-2002, 06:33 PM
How does one bacup the Windows Registry (and restore if needed) ?
I am using Windows98 SE

Terry Porritt
19-08-2002, 06:51 PM
Windows 98SE does it automatically for the first time you boot up each day. By default 5 days worth are stored.
There is a dos program called scanreg.exe and a windows program called scanregw.exe.

To restore from dos , you have to boot into pure dos. If you type scanreg /? you will get all the switches. Scanreg /restore will enable you to restore a selected copy of the registry.

In Windows go Start-Programs-Accessories- System Tools-System Information-Tools-Registry Checker, phew, and you will have options to back up and I think restore.

If Windows wont boot because of a registry problem you have to go through the dos route.


19-08-2002, 09:05 PM
There is more than one way to backup the registry.

Remember, the registry is made up of two files; system.dat and user.dat. These files have hidden and system attributes so will not be visible through explorer.

Open a new Dos prompt window, from the windows directory type "attrib system.dat -a -s -h" and "attrib user.dat -a -s -h" to remove the hidden and system attributes. Then type "copy system.dat system.bak" and "copy user.dat user.bak" to create backup copies. Now reset the attributes to the original files by typing "attrib system.dat +a +s +h" and "attrib user.dat +a +s +h".

In the case of an emergency and you need to restore these files, go to the command prompt by starting the computer in MS DOS mode, and copy the system.bak and user.bak to system.dat and user.dat. Restart the computer and hope for the best.

Another way is to do it through regedit. go to START>RUN>type REGEDIT. This will open up the registry editor. Click on REGISTRY then EXPORT REGISTRY FILE. Make sure that when saving the file you select ALL from the export range options. It's also best to save it onto a floppy.

One more way is to go to STARTt>RUN, type in scanregw and press enter. Ignore the message that a backup already exists for today and let it create a new backup. That creates a Rbxxx.cab backup file that you can restore back from using scanreg /restore

To restore the registry:

Click START>SHUTDOWN>restart in MS-Dos mode. (If you have to do a hard reboot, hold down F8 and you will get to the boot menu - choose MS Dos)

You will end up at the dos prompt and should be at C:\windows. Type \sysbackup and press enter.

If you are at the root C:\ prompt type CD\Windows\sysbackup and press enter.

Next type scanreg /restore and press enter (there is a space between scanreg and the forward slash)

You will find yourself at a menu of five registry backups named rbxxx.cab.

Select a known working registry backup from the list and restart the computer.