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Ron Bakker
18-08-2002, 02:32 PM
before I reformated my Pc I exported my address book to a rw cd . Just to make sure that it worked ,I then imported that same address book back into outlook express & it worked but now that I have reformated it doesn't work. so I tried to paste it onto notepad but the text came out all funny .
And it is still the same version of outlook.Just when I thought I had it sorted.

Susan B
18-08-2002, 04:07 PM
Sounds very puzzling Ron.

Did you try importing your address book from inside address book itself? After reformatting and reinstalling OE there should be a new empty address book there (as long as you enabled that option).

I've never actually bothered exporting and importing my address book, I just dragged the *.wab file over to the CD-RW for backup then dragged it back again after reformatting. Worked fine for my Win98.

I would advise renaming your existing new *.wab file before replacing it with your backed up copy first though, just in case something goes wrong.