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16-08-2002, 09:43 PM
Microsoft has issued Visual SourceSafe Service Pack 6 (SP6) providing the latest updates to the Visual SourceSafe product. The service pack is for Windows 95 or later, Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 with Service Pack 3 (SP3) or later, Microsoft Windows 2000 and Microsoft Windows XP. Download it here (http://download.microsoft.com/download/vss60/SP/6/WIN98MeXP/EN-US/vss6sp6enu.exe).

Microsoft has also issued an update for Windows 2000 that resolves the Flaw in Network Connection Manager (http://www.microsoft.com/windows2000/downloads/critical/q326886/default.asp) security vulnerability. The update prevents a malicious user from gaining elevated privileges through the Network Connection Manager, and then running code of his or her choice on your computer. Download the update here (http://www.microsoft.com/windows2000/downloads/critical/q326886/default.asp).

Still with Microsoft and they have released a new cumulative patch (http://download.microsoft.com/download/IE60/secpac28/6/W98NT42KMeXP/EN-US/q323759.exe) for Internet Explorer 6. The patch addresses all previous security flaws and addresses any new flaws. There are also patches for IE 5.5 SP1 and SP2 and all are available from the links below:
- Cumulative Patch for IE6.0 (http://download.microsoft.com/download/IE60/secpac28/6/W98NT42KMeXP/EN-US/q323759.exe)
- Cumulative Patch for IE5.5 SP2 (http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/release.asp?releaseid=40990)
- Cumulative Patch for IE5.5 SP1 (http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/release.asp?releaseid=41018)

Anandtech has run up some benchmarks of the Trident XP GPU against a GeForce Ti4200 and Radeon 9000 to see if the new chip lives up to Tridents claim of providing 80% of the performance of a GeForce4 Ti 4600 at a price tag under $US99 and the XP4 T3 would be able to deliver 70% of the performance of a Radeon 9700 Pro. Check out the scores here (http://www.anandtech.com/newsletter/readarticle.html?i=20&nl=y) and see if they do live up to the claim.

Blizzard has released a version 1.02 patch for Warcraft 3. The patch has the following changes:
- Fixed an issue that allowed players to abuse dragons with Devour.
- Fixed an issue with dragons that could cause them to divert attacks.


- Necklace of Immunity, Tome of Greater Experience, and Goblin Land Mines no longer randomly drop in multiplayer games.
- Scroll of Resurrection & Scroll of Animate Dead item level increased.
- Bridges are no longer destroyable on the (6)Stromguarde.w3m map.
The patch is only available for the time being through the battle.net auto-updater.

Iomega has announced their new Zip 750 drive. Here's the announcement as reported on News.com:

The San Diego-based company, which introduced a faster, 750MB Zip drive Thursday, seems to think so. But analysts have their doubts about how much life is left in the speedy line of detachable drives.

The new Zip 750 drive is available immediately in a version that supports USB (universal serial bus) 2.0 connections. Iomega plans to unveil a FireWire model at next month's Apple Expo in Paris. The USB 2.0 drive sells for $180, while a disk goes for $14.95 singly or $12.49 in packs of eight. When available, the FireWire Zip 750 will sell for $200.

Zip technology was one of the runaway PC product success stories in the days before the dot-com boom made intangibles the hot commodity among technology consumers and Wall Street investors. Iomega launched Zip at the Comdex trade show in late 1994, at about the same time competing technology LS-120--later dubbed SuperDisk--debuted. The original Zip read 100MB removable disks, compared with 120MB for SuperDisk drives, which also were backward-compatible with standard 1.44MB floppy diskettes.
Read the whole news item here (http://news.com.com/2100-1040-949827.html?tag=fd_top).

DAEMON Tools 3.17 is out with the following changes:
· Virtual drive support for CDCOPS©, VOB ProtectCD 5©, and latest Securom© versions
· Manual converted to .CHM format (thanks to Andareed)
· Fixed different blacklists (also driver renamed to 'STLTH317' as a preventive measure)
DAEMON Tools can perfectly emulate new generation of protections based on measurement of the physical CD media parameters (CDCOPS©, VOB ProtectCD 5©, latest SecuRom© etc.). In fact we were ready for such emulation about half a year ago, but such emulation also required creation of new image format capable to hold additional information (not only pure data and subchannel). Such image format became MDS (Media Descriptor) previously natively used in FantomCD.

As you know DAEMON Tools has no own dumping engine, but soon some programs will appear on the market that will be able to create MDS-images of CDs with these protections automatically!
Nevertheless, as you surely don't want to wait until then we decided to release current version of DAEMON Tools having its full new emulation power included! We also provide some prebuilt MDS-files on our page for some well-known games recently released with the protections mentioned above.
Download the new version here (http://www.daemon-tools.net/dtools/daemon317.exe).

HardwareZone has posted a re-match shoot-out between the Pentium 4 and the AthlonXP. Here's a clip:
When we ran our Athlon XP 2200+ article some weeks back, we had a couple of feedback from users who think our setup was a little bit skewed towards the Intel Pentium 4. Well, we hardly think so as our goal was to show brute performance but since a re-match with more down to earth setups would seem more fair to certain users, we decided to re-run our set of benchmarks with system setups that more or less favor the Athlon XP.

Now wait a minute, are we doing Intel injustice here? Again, we are not as we have considered the cost involved in these system setups. This means, we will be comparing performance across systems with similar costs so as to give you a clearer picture of which processor does indeed give you the better performance/cost ratio. Well, after all, most of you argued that the price of Athlon XP processors are so low that you can use the extra savings to buy better components, right? So, we did just that and so we ended up with components less favorable for the Pentium 4. We think this is only fair for both AMD and Intel.
Have a look at the re-match here (http://www.hardwarezone.com/articles/articles.hwz?cid=2&aid=481), and despite promises, the result is still the same

CoolMon version 0.982 has been released with the following changes:
- Fast config fully supported
- Change the name of "Wipe registry..." to "reset to default"
- Added Confirm dialog to "Reset to default"
- Autoupdate ability
- Option Form - Remembers position and size
- Memory Access Violation when using Display Items FIXED
- Parameter "-reset" clears registry and exit
- Systemwide (user defined) hotkey to turn "on" and "off" the trayicon
Grab it from the official downloads page here (http://www.arsware.org/coolmon/download/).

VCool version 1.8 Beta 9 has been released with the addition of the following:
- Official KT333 support
- Display temps as mini windows
- Smooth throttling
- Beep temp
VCool will cool your Athlon/Duron processor on Via KT133 or KX133(A) (VT8363, VT8361, VT82C691/693A/694 or VT8371 +VT82C686x) chipsets during idle. Download the new version here (http://vcool.occludo.net/).

Asus has released new VGA drivers version 30.00 for Windows 2000/XP. The drivers are available from this (ftp://ftp.asus.com/pub/ASUS/vga/Liveupdate/Win2k/Win2KXP_3000.exe) link.

Unrealtournament 2003.co.uk is reporting that the demo will be out at the end of the week with this quote from Mark Rein:
The demo is already going to be a pretty large download. The purpose of the demo is to show off gameplay. As it stands now we won't even have enough room to show off all the game types so it definitely would not make sense to include maps that show off only one feature. Once the full game is out people who buy the game will be able to use the Unreal Editor that comes with it to create all kinds of cool situational maps that show off how awesome Karma is and what can be done with it.
Check the post here (http://www.unrealtournament2003.co.uk) and stay tuned.

Leadtek has released its own version 29.42 Detonator Drivers for Windows 9x/ME/2000/XP/NT4.0 and a new version of their Winfox Tool. The drivers and tool are available from the following links:
- Leadtek Detonator 29.42 Win9x/ME (ftp://ftp.leadtek.com.tw/entertainment_graphics/geforce4_a250_series/20809/W9X_GF4Ti_20809.exe)
- Leadtek Detonator 29.42 Win2K/XP (ftp://ftp.leadtek.com.tw/entertainment_graphics/geforce4_a250_series/20809/W2K_GF4Ti_20809.exe)
- Leadtek Detonator 28.32 WinNT4 (ftp://ftp.leadtek.com.tw/entertainment_graphics/geforce4_a250_series/20809/WNT_GF4TI_20809.zip)
- Winfox Tool (ftp://ftp.leadtek.com.tw/entertainment_graphics/winfox/20809/WinFox_20_20809.exe)

AVIPluginPRO [BETA] version 0.01.05 is out. AVIPluginPRO is the audio and video capture plugin for pViewerPRO. It's capture feature is for ELSA Erazor III and GLADIAC VIVO series under Windows 2000/XP and has the following features:
· Multiple thread application with capture without dropping frames
· Own capture driver (the video stream buffering system)
· Low-level VCM video and ACM audio API's services
· Compress the video in realtime during capture without UYUV-] [/url]RGB conversion
· DivX Pro v5.0.2 compatible and other codecs and a lot more.
Snag it here (http://mtools.and.pl/index_e.html).

Asus have released some new beta BIOS files for the following motherboards:
· Asus Bios P4T533 1004.A Final (=1004 - 03 Beta)
· Asus Bios P4T533-C 1006 Final (=1006 - 02 Beta)
· Asus Bios P4T-E 1007 Final (=1007 - 02 Beta)
· Asus Bios A7V266 ( KT266 ) 1011 - 01 Beta
· Asus Bios A7V266 - Serie ( KT266A ) 1011 - 01 Beta
· Asus Bios P4B533-M 1008 Final (=1008 - 03 Beta)
· Asus Bios P4B-M 1004 - 01 Beta
· Asus Bios P4T-EM 1005 - 01 Beta
Snag the BIOS for your board here (http://www.asuscom.de/support/techmain/technical.htm?ctn4) and beware that these are BETA BIOS's only.

ALi have released a new Integrated Driver version 1.091 for the following chipsets:
North bridge Support:

M1541, M1621, M1631, M1632M, M1641, M1644, M1646, M1647, M1649, M1651, M1671, M1672

South bridge Support:

M1543C, M1535, M1535D, M1535+, M1535D+, M1563
The new driver has the following changes:
· Update ALi Ultra-IDE driver from to
· Fix BSOD problem or OS check disk while boot into Win 2000/ XP.
Download the package from the following links:
- Mirror 1 (ftp://ftp.aliusa.com/driver/Integrated1.091.exe)
- Mirror 2 (ftp://www.ali.com.tw/driver/Integrated1.091.exe)

Microsoft is to release new Service Packs for Office 2000 and Office XP in the coming weeks with SP2 for Office XP being released on August 20 and SP3 for Office 2000 on September 25. To help with deployment, they have set a webcast for you to view. This is viewable here (http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=/servicedesks/webcasts/wc091102/wcblurb091102.asp).

and one from tweak'e- new version of cache sentry is out. you can read version history here (http://www.mindspring.com/~dpoch/enigmatic/verhistory.html) and download from here (http://www.majorgeeks.com/article.php?sid=931)

17-08-2002, 02:15 PM

21-08-2002, 03:55 AM
Greetings ... I have tried to access the "Cumulative Patch for I.E. 6 " (and the others, just to check) ... None of them will open for me ! .. for the I.E. 6 one I get "The page cannot be found" ... Is this a problem at my end or is the link faulty ? ... Having just downloaded "6" from PC World CD I would really like the patch, rather than using the 'Update site'

BTW As this is my first post, if I've made a 'stuffup' ... I appologise !

21-08-2002, 09:09 AM
> ... None of them will open for me ! .. for the I.E. 6
> one I get "The page cannot be found" ... Is this a
> problem at my end or is the link faulty ? ... Having
> just downloaded "6" from PC World CD I would really
> like the patch, rather than using the 'Update site'

It's nothing at your end, and the link isn't faulty - if you read the note that appears on the screen when you try to open one of the earlier version links it says that the file may have been removed recently etc. Microsoft tends to do this a lot - try using the Windows Update to download it; I assume they'll have a cumulative patch link in there somewhere.


Susan B
21-08-2002, 09:32 AM
The link didn't work for me either but this (http://www.microsoft.com/windows/ie/downloads/critical/q321232/default.asp) one will.

25-08-2002, 03:14 AM
Thanks for the information folks.
BTW ... Susan B ... The site you mentioned does open, but, the 'download button' doesn't !! ... So, I guess I'll have to use the 'update' site. I do thank you for your help, I'm fairly new at this stuff, but have been reading the 'press F1' site for a while now & find it very helpful indeed
Regards ... Bryan Duncan.

Susan B
25-08-2002, 05:16 PM
Bryan, the "Download" button is a useless decoration, you need to click on the "Go" button alongside the "English" dialogue box.

That will take you to yet another page where you select which version of Internet Explorer you have then off you go.

My advice would be to save the patch to your hard drive rather than run it from the website, then you can back it up and reinstall it again if you reformat your hard drive.

27-08-2002, 12:53 AM
Thank you Susan. They've put the 'patch' back on the update site, where I did a download/install ... Seems to have slowed things down ...again ! Think I'll go back to 5.01 ... it was a lot faster than either of the newer versions, on this Compaq boat anchor anyway (Presario 5726AP)