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15-08-2002, 04:54 PM
Have acquired a new computer with XP .
Before I changed over I saved all my .dbx files as some had some information I wished to keep - I thought that I could just transfer them from the floppy into outlook express and there they would be.

It appears that XP doesn't use .dbx files as I cant find a trace of them by search .
having realised that a lot of the files I wanted to search were hidden I made them visible but still no luck

in outlook express -tools -options -maintenence-Store Folder - I get a path but there is nothing in it when I follow it through .

Where does outlook express store email messages when using XP or has Xp nothing to do with it and there is some other solution as I would dearly like to have the information I have in .dbx files on a floppy on my current computer

Having never been disappointed before when I have sought help here for which I am grateful can anyone help this time

15-08-2002, 05:00 PM
I dont use OE but think you have to "import" them.

Found this:

Check this out;

OE6 and WindowsXP Note: you will only see OE4 and OE6 in the list of programs from which to import, and so it might seem that you cannot import from OE5. However both OE5 and OE6 use exactly the same file structure. To import from OE5, simply select OE6 on the list, then select "Import mail from an OE6 store directory" (not "Identity"). Then Browse to the folder that contains the OE5 *.dbx files.

If your backup files did not include "Folders.dbx", this method of importing will not work as OE will not "see" the *.dbx files without Folders.dbx. To work around this, click File| Identities| Add New Identity. Switch to the new Identity when prompted, but cancel the new account wizard that starts automatically. Click Tools| Options| Maintenance| Store Folder to determine the location of this Identity's store. Close OE and open the store folder in Windows Explorer. Copy your old *.dbx files into this store folder, then delete the file "Folders.dbx". Open OE and it will create a new Folders.dbx that includes the old *.dbx files. Click File| Switch Identities and return to your original Identity. Click File| Import| Messages| OE5 (or OE6)| Identity and select the new Identity. After the import is complete, you can delete the new Identity, and then manually delete its store folder.