View Full Version : Panasonic KX-P6100 printer

15-08-2002, 01:32 PM
I have loaded a KX-P6100 printer onto a computer running Windows 98 SE and it works fine. The problem is every time the computer starts it comes up as having found the printer as new hardware again and starts the wizard to load the drivers. After canceling the wizard the computer completes its start up process and the printer works OK.

I have tried using both the windows wizard for loading the drivers, and the setup programme on the driver CD but neither method gets around the problem. Have also tried the driver files from various sources on the net including Panasonic in case there was an update available but to no avail.

This problem also occurred when adding the same type of printer to another computer but appears to have fixed itself.

Would appreciate any advice.

15-08-2002, 02:11 PM
I can remember having this problem also (had the same printer but got rid of it 3 years ago)

I *think* the method was to delete the printer from your system, let it find it, then install it. It was all in the sequence, there were later drivers but they didnt help.