View Full Version : Acer CDR/RW drive slow won't burn

Richard N
14-08-2002, 11:38 PM
My friend has an ACER CDR/RW drive. It is an older drive perhaps over two years old. I just formatted and installed XP for him. Since then, and while installing XP the drive was transferring data 'slow'. It will copy an image file but will take about 5 times longer than it would normally do(it also took about 2-3 hours to install XP) . When image file is complete it will not write to a CDR or RW. This is the same for Nero and the burningsoftware that comes with XP. I had to flash the BIOS to install the larger HDD so am not sure what the best settings are for it in BIOS. I currently have it set to 'cdma mode 3'

Any suggestions would be appreciated greatly.

Thanks Richard

15-08-2002, 09:20 AM
First, check to see wether the cd/rw is on primary or secondary. If its on primary stick it to secondary, it makes it easier for info to be sent from cd to HD that way.
2nd the drive probably will be slower, with a read speed of around 24x, but really that shouldn't result in too much difference.
as for your imaging problem. Try 1. lowering the DMA mode or 2. Disabling DMA for the cd/rw.

These are suggestions, and are not necessarily right, anyone feel free to correct me!!! :-)