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12-08-2002, 09:03 PM
Help please. While browsing my screen keeps freezing.It has only started happening in last week to ten days. After about 10 minutes it freezes and I have to ctrl alt del my way out.Have tried System Restore but it wont go past August.Am using HP8835 with ME.

Chris Wilson
12-08-2002, 09:10 PM
what browser are you using?

12-08-2002, 09:24 PM
I.E 5.5

Chris Wilson
12-08-2002, 10:45 PM
OK, next question......
what progs are you having to shut down before the computer is running smoothly again?

12-08-2002, 10:50 PM
I c,a, d. and close the page im on.when i do that if ive got 2 or 3 pages open they all close.could disc space be the problem out of 18gb ive got 5.5 free

Chris Wilson
12-08-2002, 11:02 PM
>>>I c,a, d.
not quite sure what you meant by that!

anyway with 5.5gig of free disk space, disk space is unlikely to be a problem.

What it is more likely to be is something that conflicts with IE5.5, something that is running at the same time, one of the programs that you have running at the time, and one of the ones you shut down as you Ctrl+alt+del your way back to a working comp.

forgive me if things don't work exactly as i describe them, i run 98se but next time try this
give your frozen machine the 3 finger salute
do NOT shut down IE unless you absolutly have to.
shut down any programme other than IE that claims to be not responding (if any)
take note of what you have to shut down before the computer is happy.
it may well be a peice of spyware, or just some poorly written programme that conflicts with IE, or with another poorly written programme.

If you can find it.. get rid of it!

another possible fix it is upgrade to IE6

12-08-2002, 11:21 PM
c a d =ctrl, alt, del. blue screen twice in 5 minutes. error:oe;016F:BFF8E64B. then warning low resources. i checked and they were at 38 % .then warning general protection fault in module user.exe.at 0003:00000ea7.should i just put in recovery disc and start again.no spyware that ad aware has found.if i upgrade to i.e6 will everything run sweet. what about everything ive downloaded?will it still be there? dumb question but im new to all this.thanks

12-08-2002, 11:33 PM
You could try reloading just IE, your downloaded data will be fine but if you are getting unexplained errors don't you think you should backup your important data anyway?

Computers are not totally reliable, as an indication I have lost 2 hard drives in 4 months. Because I backup critical (to me) data it has not been a problem.

What anti-virus software ar you running, as this can sometimes conflict after an update.

Chris Wilson
12-08-2002, 11:41 PM
IE6 will either prove
1. a complete waiste of time, but no harm done
2. fix the problem

the only info i got that helps to diagnose this is that you are running IE at the time, and you run out of memory

low resourses generally means not enough RAM for what you are doing.
Do you know how much RAM your machine has? If not i think ME will let you find out by right clicking the desktop "my computer" icon, selecting "properties" and at the bootom of the list it will tell you how much RAM the machine has

probably something is using too much RAM,

I'm still keen to know what other progs you have running

12-08-2002, 11:54 PM
Low resources is strictly not a RAM issue, its the allocation of "heaps" to applications. When applications reserve them, and do not release them they reduce the finite number of pointers available. More RAM probably wont help in these cases.

Its usually a case of bad behaving applications (or damaged ones) and seems prevalent with 16 bit code (old programs).

I would be tempted to reload / upgrade the browser first.

Chris Wilson
13-08-2002, 12:05 AM
if downloading IE 6 doesnt solve the problem.. i think we are going to need more information specificly what programs you have running, including background programs like anti virus INCD, firewall, absolutly the whole list!

13-08-2002, 07:59 PM
You need to clean out your system and empty out your temp files etc I use windowasher and regcleaner also uninstall all non essential programs


useful site to read

13-08-2002, 08:02 PM


good sites to visit as well

13-08-2002, 09:29 PM
I have Zonealarm,AVG Antivirus, Guidescope popup killer running.Ihave uninstalled 2 recently downloaded apps:A1Roboform and aDJmixer, that hasnt helped. I added another 128 ram 6 months ago.Ive cleaned temp files and history still no different.

Chris Wilson
13-08-2002, 09:55 PM
if you added another 128 meg of ram, then it is not a shortage of ram in it self.. i run with just 128, and am fine (usually) where as you have atleast 128...
have a look at this (http://www.something.net.nz/f1/images/close-prog.jpg) the list of progs here is what i see when i hit ctrl + alt+ del it is some of what isn running in the background..

whats on your list?

13-08-2002, 11:29 PM

13-08-2002, 11:34 PM
i upgraded to IE6,no change. pages still freezing.now i know what computer rage is. feel like uninstalling everything and starting over.

14-08-2002, 01:17 AM
Disable the load QM prog its part is messenger that sends data back to microsoft totally unnecessary.
go to Start then RUN then type in msconfig then startup and untick what ever isnt needed also a good site to explain the lack of resources is


14-08-2002, 01:24 AM
get rid of guidescope as well not very good reviews on it also no uninstall features is not good use regcleaner and delete if you have to

try using popupkiller or Free surfer

14-08-2002, 02:08 AM
a good site to check what is starting up and if they are needed


14-08-2002, 02:30 AM
all things you can disable

gmt Gator spyware variant. See Gator get rid of !!

guidescope get rid off if possible
loadqm disable!!! useless
em _exec Logitech Mouseware driver. Needed to support some additional functionality of Logitech mice/trackballs such as "SmartMove". If you disable it and find you don't need it leave it dsiabled

rundll ???This loads the System Tray icon used to change display settings, change the clock rate and memory speed for nVidia based graphics cards. This is unnecessary since you can easily configure these settings the way you want them in the Display Properties and not have to mess with them again

hkcmd Installed by the Intel 810 and 815 chipset graphic drivers. If you want the Ctrl+Alt+F12 or similar keypresses to access Intel's customised graphics properties, you need it, otherwise not. Can be disabled via the Display Properties in Control Panel

systray SYSTRAY.EXE - System Tray Services. Provides the Volume Control, PC Card Status and Power Management icons that reside in the System Tray. SYSTRAY.EXE may be disabled if none of these services are required. It will launch as and when required if you later enable the icons. If you need these items they're available via Start -> Settings -> Control Panel

osd hot key" on such a keyboard brings a corresponding panel on the screen for volume, etc. Nice but not required if you don't adjust things regularly - can also freeze

agserve ???

14-08-2002, 09:27 PM
got rid of gmt
uninstalled guidescope and did everything else you advised.everthing seems o.k.if it stuffs up again i know where to come for help.thanks to all of you.