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11-08-2002, 08:54 PM
Help. Operating system W95. CD Rom is a Creative Labs. My problem is the CD Rom not working. I go to the device manager and conflict exists with CD Rom and IDE/ESDI Hard Disk Controller (I have no idea what the latter is). If I remove both from the device manager, then reinstall, the CD Rom operates. However when I shut the computer down and turn back on, the CD Rom will not work and has disappeared from the device manager (on occassion is is present with the red X), but usually not present, and the IDE/ESDI Hard Disk Controller has the yellow symbol. If I reinstall the CD Rom (if present I remove), a conflict remain and the CD Rom will not work. Have to go back to sctach and remove the IDE/ESDI HD Controller and reinstall both. The auto wizard only locates the IDE/ESDI and not the CD Rom which I load from disk. Can anyone help?

11-08-2002, 10:07 PM
The first thing to check would be the jumper settings on the CD ROM

Make sure its not set to "Master". It should be "Slave" if on the same cable as the Hard Drive.

It may, depending on settings, be set to "Cable Select" but should not be "Master"

These jumpers are on the rear of the CD Rom drive.

The IDE controller controls the interface between the Hard Drive and CD Rom, with the main computer motherboard.

12-08-2002, 09:51 AM
if the above doesn't help, go back into the device manager, double click on the CD. Make sure that there are no conflicks, It will say. If there is conflicts, go to the resources tab, (or something like that, it is the last tab) untick let windows automaticly assign resources or whatever, then select the resource that is showing an error, it may have a cross through it, then click edit, or change (sorry I'm not using my computer so don't have access to Device manager) then go through the different resources until it states there is no conflicts, do this to all conflicting resources. click ok say yes you want to continue to any messages that come up and then restart your computer.


17-08-2002, 12:21 PM
Thanks for the advice. Pulled the machine apart but found no jumper settings on the back of the CD ROM. I've now also noticed a yellow conflict against the PCI Universal Serial Bus.

I can stll remove the CD Rom and IDE/ESDI Controller, and reinstall resulting in the CD Rom working until I shut down the machine and restart. When I restart the CD Rom has disappeared and the yellow sign is back with the IDE/ESDI. But at the point prior (when the CD Rom does work), the PCI Universal Serial Bus has the yellow fault.

All getting to hard, but htanks for the advice