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11-08-2002, 10:06 AM
i burnt a cd a few days ago
then i added something to it yesturday
but i can't seem to see the data i first burnt on the first track
the content of the disk is only the new things i burnt

the data is still on the cd rom
because when i did a disk image of the cd track 1 came out
it's just that explorer can't seem to access it or something

is there any way i can extract the data on the 1st track?

11-08-2002, 02:21 PM
Hi you can have problems if the second session was burned in a different mode to the first session, or the TOC (table of contents) had problems when writing leadin/out for your second session. It also seems if you have O/S Win98 or lower you can run into problems (see Nero help below).

Recovery can be via specific software designed to view data that cannot be seen, but I am not aware of a free version. Do a search on Google for "CD Data Recovery". Someone else may know of something that has worked for them that you could try.

Before that though, if you were using Nero on Win98 downwards or NT4 try the following (copied from the Nero5 Help)...

Although I created a Multisession disc I can only see the last session. Why? If your CD Recorder supports multisession, you can only read the last session of your CD on Windows 95/98and NT 4.0 and the first session on Windows 3.1x. Nero gives you the solution: in Windows 95/98and NT 4.0, you can use the Nero Multi Mounter to switch to any other session of your Multisession CD.

Nero Multi Mounter The Nero Multi Mounter, available for Win 95/98and Win NT4.0, allows you to view ALL the sessions and to access ALL the files recorded on your Multisession CD!
The Nero Multi Mounter is automatically installed with the installation of Nero.
How to use the Nero Multi Mounter?

1. Insert your Multisession CD into your CD-ROM drive or your recorder.
2. Go to the Explorer and select the drive in which you put the CD.
3. Select properties either through the menu File/properties or by using the right mouse button. Then you will see two or more property sheets one of which is the volumes sheet.
4. Select the volumes property sheet. You can see now all the sessions listed that have been burned onto the CD.
5. Click on the session you want to be displayed, then return to the Explorer. You can see now the contents of the selected session and select a file.